Used Baby Gear: What We Can & Can’t Accept

Buying secondhand baby gear is a cost-effective and sustainable way to provide our little ones with quality baby items that help them reach their full potential (not to mention make parenting just a little easier).That’s why we created GoodBuy Gear, after all. 

Our aspiration has always been to create a marketplace for parents as trusted as your circle of friends. For that reason, our guiding principle is to only sell items that we would be proud to give to our own children. 

That’s why we accept a wide variety of high resale value items such a strollers, bassinets and high chairs. However, we cannot accept items for sale that are not in clean, working condition. 

Even though we can’t accept everything, you might be surprised how many items we can accept! For a breakdown of exactly what we can and can’t accept, view our video or read through our guide below.

Baby Items We Can Accept

a checklist of baby items we accept at GoodBuy Gear

We will gladly accept the below items as long as they are in clean, working condition. 

Baby Travel Gear 

  • Strollers (must be less than 10 years old) 
  • Gently used car seats (must pass our GoodBuy ™ Car Seat Safety Check)
  • Wagons 
  • Bikes (bike trailers must be less than 10 years old) 
  • Scooters 
  • Walkers 
  • Booster seats 
  • Travel cribs 
  • Carriers 
  • Backpacks 

Sleeping Gear 

  • Bassinets 
  • Sleepers 

Feeding Gear

  • Nursing pillows 
  • High chairs 
  • Breast pumps 

Toys & Entertainment 

  • Sports & outdoor equipment 
  • Playards 
  • Gyms 
  • Play mats 
  • Bouncers 
  • Swings 
  • Puzzles 
  • Games 
  • Toys
  • Jumperoo

Diapering & Other Essentials 

  • Changing pads 
  • Cloth diapers 
  • Potty training gear 
  • Bathtubs
  • Bumbo seats (MUST have straps attached) 
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Baby Items We Can’t Accept

A checklist of baby items we can't accept at GoodBuy Gear

For safety reasons, we can not accept the below items under any condition.

Bulky Items

  • Beds 
  • Gliders 
  • Changing tables 
  • Large furniture
  • Cribs 

Items That Are Hard To Clean 

  • Crib mattresses 
  • Bedding 
  • Clothing 
  • Shoes 
  • Footwear 
  • Stuffed animals 
  • Books 
  • Feeding gear outside of breast pumps & accessories 

Items You Should Not Buy Used 

  • Broken or unsafe items
  • Recalled items 

If your gear is on the unaccepted items list, here are a few options to recycle or donate your used baby items.

If you do find these items on our site, you will see they are in open box condition from our retail partners only. If you find something for sale that does not seem to reflect this policy, please let us know. 

At GoodBuy Gear, we are committed to being a marketplace parents can trust, which is why all products undergo a safety and quality inspection by our team of gear experts before they are listed for another family to purchase. For more information on our inspection process, read through our Safety Standards



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