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Schedule a White Glove Pick-Up and let us help. We pick it up. We sell it. You get paid.

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Here's How It Works

Schedule A Pick-Up

Choose a day and time for us to come to you.



We load up and take your premium items to the Good Buy Garage.


Review & Approve

We send you recommended pricing (adjustable).


We Sell It, You Get Paid

We promote and sell your gear. You get paid up to 70% of the sale price*, less a $25 service fee.


Declutter and Earn Cash for Your Great Kid Gear

As moms ourselves, we SO get it! Having kids is expensive and it’s easy to accumulate a lot of stuff. Decluttering to make space and then earn money on your gently-loved gear can be frustrating, overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve built the only marketplace with a White Glove service approach.

We pickup all your great gear, take it to the Good Buy Garage and create product listings

To review more answers to frequently asked questions like what you can and can't sell, how we set prices and more, visit our FAQ's or contact us directly.

Do It Yourself

If you are a do it yourself (DIY) kind of gal, install the Good Buy Gear iOS app. Once you install the app, you can take photos, build postings and start selling gear with a $50 or more resale value on the Good Buy Gear marketplace instantly. Once an item sells, we pick it up, we deliver it to the buyer, and then pay you 80% of the sale price**.

*When you sell items using the White Glove service, your payout will be 70% of the sell price if you select Good Buy Bucks (store credit) or 60% if you select check or PayPal®. We deduct a $25 White Glove service fee from the first sale–no upfront payment needed.

**When you sell items using the DIY app, your payout will reflect 80% of the sale price, less a $5/item pick-up fee.