Meet Our GoodBuy Gurus

GoodBuy Gurus are leaders in their field, from OB GYN’s, CPS Technicians, Sleep and Nutrition Specialists, Pediatricians, Physical Development Therapists and more.

Jennifer Saxton

MBA & CPST, Founder & CEO of Tot Squad

Janessa Jackson

Postpartum Doula

Kiera Davis

RN, BSN, BA & Co-Founder of BabyMama

Kaylan Sharp

RN, BSN, BS, Doula & Co-Founder of BabyMama

Stephen Hawkins

Pediatric Sleep Pulmonologist, CU Medicine

Brita DeStefano

PT, DPT, PCS & Owner of Progress Through Play

Kristin Hood

In-House Gear Expert

Alison Patterson

OB-GYN, CU Medicine

Chris Lovell

Money Coach, Mother & Wealth-Builder

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