Second Baby Must-Haves: 10 Things You Actually Need

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Just because you already have a child, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have everything you need for the second time around. Sometimes, baby #1 isn’t ready to move into a toddler bed yet; other times, newer and more innovative products have been released since your first time around or the gear you bought for your first just isn’t meeting your needs anymore. When that happens, it’s a good time to sell your old stuff to make room for baby #2’s gear (and baby #1s upgrades!). 

At GoodBuy Gear, we know that the right gear can make a huge difference in your parenting journey. So whether you’re building a baby registry for a “sprinkle” or simply browsing to see what products might make the transition to a second-time parent a little bit easier, we’re here to help. Our gear experts and second-time moms and dads have created this list of game-changer second baby must-haves to put on your shopping list. 

What Can Be Reused for Baby #2? 

Of course, you won’t have to buy everything brand new. That’s one of the beauties of having multiple children! If you’re hoping to reuse some items, the following are good bets:

  • Bouncer: Your older kiddo has likely outgrown those early seats, like bouncers and jumpers. 
  • Changing table: Even if you have two in diapers, you can use the same table or mat for changing both children. You just might want to stock up on some more pads, in case it gets soiled during more frequent diaper changes. 
  • Play mat: After a thorough wipe down, your trusty old play mat will be as good as new. 
  • Toys: Older children will likely have already outgrown the earliest iterations of toys, like rattles and teethers. Pro tip: Let kiddo #1 choose a few items to "gift" to baby. That puts big brother and sister in the driver seat and builds their confidence and autonomy while fostering sharing.
  • Breast pump: If you spent hours upon hours pumping, you may want to invest in a new breast pump—especially if you can get one for free through insurance. However, breast pumps can be expensive and chances are any good breast pump will still be in working order, even if you have to buy a few replacement parts. 
  • Infant car seat: Since infant car seats typically only accommodate babies about one year and younger, chances are you’ll be able to use the previous model for any new siblings. Just be sure to check for recalls—and never use a seat that is expired or has been in any kind of motor vehicle crash. When you shop with us, we’ve done all the safety checks for you, so you don’t have to. 
  • Sleepsack: Even if your older one still sleeps in some sort of sleepsack, they’re most likely in another size at this point. 
  • Crib: Your first may still be in the crib. If so, you might want to get a bassinet and plan to transition your older one into a toddler bed before you move baby from bassinet to crib. (The AAP recommends waiting at least 6 months to move baby out of your room, so you have some time.) 
  • Swing: Like the bouncer, chances are your older child has already exceeded the weight and height limits on this must-have baby gear
  • Nursery decor: Sure, it’s fun to select new nursery decor for each child, but you can save a lot of time and money by repurposing these items for each kiddo. 
  • Lounger: These support cushions are only for the youngest babies, so you should have no problem reusing for baby number two. 
  • Wrap carrier: Even if you didn’t babywear all that much with the first, you’ll want to dig this out of storage—it’s incredibly helpful for multitasking when you have more than one child to take care of. 
  • Infant bathtub: Chances are the older sibling is sitting unassisted in the tub at this point, so relegate the plastic infant tub you may have used for the first child to the brand new baby. 
  • Breastfeeding pillow: Even if you’re still breastfeeding a toddler, you probably don’t need support the same way you did when they were an infant. Take the pillow out of storage, and get ready for your second child. 


10 Second Baby Must-Haves 

Even if you have a number of items you can reuse for your second baby, there’s no doubt you’ll need to purchase a few new pieces of gear—especially if you’re preparing for two under two. Here’s what we suggest adding to your list of second baby must-haves: 

1. Bottles

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Why you need it: 

If you mainly breastfed your first child, you might be able to get away with reusing any bottles you had on hand. But if your baby was fully bottle-fed (whether with formula or exclusively pumped milk), chances are you’ll need to stock up on a whole new set of bottles and nipples. 

Bottles, especially plastic ones, are prone to discoloration after so many uses and spins in the dishwasher. Plus, nipples may even have small tears from baby gnawing on them as they get older. Not to mention, not all babies take to the same bottles. 

As you prepare for your second, it’s always a good idea to stock up on a new set of the tried and true, as well as a backup set—just in case this baby has a different preference. 

Our GBG picks: 

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2. Travel System Stroller

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Why you need it: 

One of the hardest adjustments from one to two is figuring out how in the world you’re going to leave the house with two little ones in tow. A travel system stroller is a lifesaver since it accommodates more than one seat, usually in multiple ways. 

Though you may have to buy additional attachments, like a second seat or a ride-on board, most travel systems can be configured a host of different ways—two seats, a seat and a bassinet, and more—so you can corral multiple little ones while you’re on the go. 

Our GBG picks

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3. Second Seat or Riding Board

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Why you need it: 

Once you invest in a travel system, chances are you’ll need to get a few more pieces to complete the set (most don’t come with everything you might want).

Think about the ages of your children, and what might make the most sense for you. Do you have a toddler who doesn’t like to sit? They may be old enough for the ride-on board attachment. Or, do you have a child who still can’t walk or stand for long periods of time? A second seat probably makes more sense for the time being. Whatever you need, just make sure to get compatible attachments—and double-check to see if you need to buy any adapters. 

Our GBG picks

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4. High Chair or Booster Seat

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Why you need it

Depending on how old your first child is, you may need another high chair. For younger babies, a second high chair might make more sense. But if the older sibling sits well on their own, a booster seat is a space-saving option (nobody wants to keep tripping over a large-profile high chair!). These seats clip right onto existing dining chairs to save space, are portable and often have their own trays—just like a high chair. 

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5. Mini Baby Carrier

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Why you need it: 

Soft wraps are nice for those early days. Plus, they’re super easy to pack. But a structured baby carrier that’s easy to slip on and off will be even more convenient when you’re multitasking with two under two. 

That’s why we recommend a mini baby carrier–essentially a smaller structured carrier that goes on and off with just a few buckle adjustments. As an added bonus, babywearing will keep the curious at a safe distance from your brand new baby when you have to head out to take the older sibling somewhere. 

Our GBG picks:

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6. Cordless Breast Pump

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Why you need it:

While you can reuse a breast pump, you may want to get a cordless one if you don’t already have one. When you’re tethered to the wall, it’s nearly impossible to get anything done. Not to mention, traditional breast pumps aren’t very discreet. When you’re chasing after a toddler or trying to sneak in an extra load of dishes, a cordless breast pump is incredibly liberating—a real lifesaver, really. 

These compact pumps tuck right into your bra—no cords required—so you can collect milk and go about your day all at the same time. They’re portable and quiet, too—you can use them while on a conference call or even in the car on the way to preschool school pickup. 

Our GBG picks:

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7. Bassinet

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Why you need it: 

The AAP recommends baby sleep in your room for at least the first six months—ideally a full year. A sturdy bassinet is easier to stash in your space without posing a tripping hazard. Plus, these smaller, lighter sleep spaces are much more portable, so you can bring it downstairs or even take it on the go, if you need to. 

Some bassinets, like the UPPAbaby, even click right into the stroller for walks. What’s more, when you use a bassinet for baby number two, you can continue using the original crib for your first child, buying yourself some time to make the transition to a big kid bed. 

Our GBG picks

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8. Sound Machine

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Why you need it:

If you have a toddler, you know how loud they can be. And if you have a newborn, you know how shrill their cry can sound in the dead of the night. To help drown out all of the noise in your house, it’s helpful to have a sound machine for each child. 

This way, you can put one in each bedroom—no need to shuffle, depending on who is sleeping when. Some white noise machines even double as night lights to help older toddlers and kids feel more safe and secure throughout the night. 

Our GBG picks

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9. Swaddles

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Why you need it

Once upon a time, you may have had the luxury of spending a few extra minutes perfecting the traditional swaddle. But as a new mom to two, you’re going to be moving a little bit faster. Buy yourself some extra time, and purchase easy-on swaddles instead. These have Velcro fasteners or zippers, so all you have to do is slip baby into the sleepsack and secure it.

Our GBG picks

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10. Baby Monitor

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Why you need it: 

Chances are there'll be plenty of hours in the day when both kids are sleeping. Ahh, peace—but not if you’re worried about their wellbeing. If your children don’t share a room, having two baby monitors will give you peace of mind during those restful hours. 

You don’t have to walk around with two monitors at once, either—there are tons of options that allow you to keep tabs on more than one camera, all from one device or even an app on your phone. 

Our GBG picks

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Nice-to-Have Gear for Baby #2 

In addition to the baby essentials you’ll definitely want to have on hand, there are a handful of things that aren’t necessary—but definitely make life with two under two (or multiples of any kind!) a little bit easier. Here’s what we recommend adding to your list, if space and budget allow for it: 

1. Extra Car Seats

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Why it’s nice to have

If you have more than one car, it can be incredibly helpful to have an extra car seat or two on hand—especially for older children in convertible car seats, which are much bulkier and harder to install. (For infant car seats, an extra base is probably good enough!) 

If budget allows for it, extra car seats are an especially important consideration for families who juggle daycare drop-offs between parents or caregivers. This way, you won’t be constantly reinstalling seats—and more importantly, you’ll never be caught without. 

Need help picking out a car seat? Check out our Car Seat Buying Guide

Our GBG picks

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2. Car Seat Mirror
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Why it’s nice to have: 

When you’re driving, you (obviously) need to keep all eyes on the road in front of you. And even when you’re a passenger, it can be hard to see what’s going on with baby—especially one who is still sitting rear-facing. 

A car seat mirror can help. They’re easy to install: Simply clip them onto the headrest above baby’s seat, and you’ll be able to steal a quick glance at your tiny human whenever you need to. 

Our GBG picks

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3. Backpack Diaper Bag

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Why it’s nice to have: 

When you’re wrangling multiple little ones, you’ll definitely want to have both hands free—especially when you’re out and about. And that’s a tall order when you have a heavy diaper bag dangling off of your shoulder. A better option: A backpack-style version. 

These are easier to carry, so you can tote everything you need while staying as agile as possible. A nice bonus: Many of these varieties are super sleek and sophisticated, too. 

Our GBG picks: 

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4. Bottle Sterilizer

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Why it’s nice to have

There’s no need to spend tons of time hunched over the sink cleaning bottle after bottle. Just think about how long that would take you with multiple kids using bottles! Instead, give them a quick rinse, and then let a bottle sterilizer do the hard work for you. Just pop them in, turn it on and grab a perfectly clean one when you need it. 

Our GBG picks

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5. Bottle Warmer

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Why it’s nice to have:

Similarly, you can safely heat up a bottle in a flash with a device called a bottle warmer. There’s no boiling involved and wait time is minimal. All you have to do is pop the filled bottle inside, turn the timer and go about whatever it is you were doing until the helpful little gadget clicks off. 

Our GBG picks: 

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6. Wagon

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Why it’s nice to have: 

A travel system stroller may be a great everyday option, but there’s another type of toddler transportation you may want to consider: a wagon. You’ll need to wait until your brand new bundle is sitting reliably on their own, but once they are, a wagon affords more storage space in between the two kids. Because of this, it’s a nice option for family outings to places like the beach or the apple orchard. 

Our GBG picks:

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You’re probably buzzing with butterflies—and for good reason: The adjustment to two children can feel daunting. But as long as you’re equipped with these second baby must-haves, you’ll be ready to become a new parent to two.



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