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We Do It All

We Do It All

Our Wingmoms clean, photograph and quality check each item.

Safety First

Safety First

We sell safe, quality-checked, clean products so you can shop with confidence.

Shop Confidently

Shop Confidently

Our proprietary technology ensures that recalled items are never listed.

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No upfront payment is needed when you schedule a service. Once an item sells, we deduct $10 for drop-offs and $25 for pickups. Read more on our service fees here.

Sign Up to Sell

Schedule a pickup or drop-off for a day and time that works for you.
We Sell It

We accept most gently-loved items that are clean and in working order (i.e. not damaged, unsafe or recalled). We do not accept clothing, shoes, car seats or stuffed animals. Read more on acceptable items here.

We Sell It

Our Wingmoms do all the work to process and sell your items.
You Get Paid

You will be able to see a list of all your transactions, sales, and product listings with the current status when logged into your account. Once your piggy bank has a balance of $5 or more you can cash out. Read more on getting paid here.

You Get Paid

Once your items sell you'll receive cash or store credit.

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