Where to Donate Your Baby Items

Stollers, walkers and play mats, oh my. Kids require a lot of gear. And as they get older, they may start to neglect an old toy or grow out of their bassinet. 

But why should it go to waste? Donating or reselling your used stuff can allow you to give other parents baby supplies while decluttering your own home

However, how to do so can sometimes be complicated. That’s why we’ve written this guide to where to donate baby items to get you started. 

Online Consignment Stores 

The consignment model is this: you give your items to the shop which then lists and sells them. You then get paid a portion of the earnings. Those interested in using consignment shops to sell baby items can also do so online via consignment marketplaces like GoodBuy Gear. That means you get the payout without having to do the work, and families in need can get good items at a discounted price.

How it works

  1. Find a local GoodBuy Gear drop-off location or schedule a pickup 
  2. We’ll do all the work to quality check your items for any fixes needed and value your items based on their condition 
  3. We’ll suggest pricing, list and promote your items with our community of parents
  4. Once your gear sells, we will ship it to the buyer while you sit back and get paid

Sell Your Kid’s Stuff

Our guiding principle is to only sell items we would be proud to give to our own children. While our goal is to make decluttering as easy as humanly possible for busy parents like ourselves, we can not accept items that are not in safe, clean and working condition. We are committed to being a marketplace parents can trust, which is why all products undergo a safety and quality inspection by our team of gear experts before they are listed for another family to purchase. Check our list of items we do and do not accept here

Thrift Stores 

Nationwide thrift stores like Goodwill can be good options for donating baby items. They have many locations throughout the country that sell all types of baby gear, from children's clothing and toys to school supplies, household items and backpacks. 

For those who are looking to invest back into their local communities, local thrift stores will also usually take baby items. Search for local thrift stores in your area to find places to donate — keep in mind, these are donations and you won’t be paid for them like you do if you sell consignment.

How it works

  1. Find a local Goodwill near you 
  2. Pack up your goods in a box or bag
  3. Take your goods to the store and drop them off in the designated donation area 

Social Media 

Social media opens up many opportunities to connect with people — including prospective buyers. Social media selling sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace can be a good way to find buyers. You can also use your personal social media accounts to connect with other parents you know and see if they’re interested in your stuff. 

However, social media may be hard to navigate. Buyers often haggle and may keep you from getting the best deal, or you might have to go meet up with a stranger. 

How it works

  1. Take quality product photos of your items
  2. Make a listing or post advertising your product
  3. Coordinate with interested buyers

Baby Stuff You Can Donate 

You shouldn’t donate something you wouldn’t use yourself. And since most organizations, groups and buyers are accepting donations for gently-used items, you’ll want to make sure that yours fit the bill before you box them up. 

A few baby items that you can donate include

  • Toys: It isn’t uncommon for kids to get tired of certain toys. So why not let other families have a turn? Toys that are in working condition are eligible to be donated or sold.
  • Kid gear: Used kid stuff like strollers, high chairs, walkers or baby carriers are great examples of items you can sell or donate. Getting rid of these bulky items can free up space in your home, while also helping someone else get the crucial supplies they need. 
  • Children's Clothing: Since toddlers can rapidly grow out of their clothes, many families constantly need replacements. Donating shirts, pants, shoes, bibs, dresses and other used baby clothes can be a huge help — just make sure they’re clean and free of stains first. This foes for maternity clothing as well. 

Additional items you can sell with GoodBuy Gear: 

  • Monitors and other electronics
  • Scooters
  • Wagons
  • Playmats
  • Small kids furniture
  • Bikes
  • Bassinets 
  • Breast pumps 
  • Bouncy seats 

Baby Stuff You Cannot Donate 

Organizations have varying rules and requirements for what they will and won’t accept. So before passing your item on to the next family, check the website of the place you plan to donate or sell to. For the most part, all donated items should be in good condition. 

Some items are generally not accepted at any organization. These include: 

  • Used Bottles or Pacifiers: Many places won’t accept the top part of a bottle — called the nipple — or pacifiers for hygiene reasons. Some may accept the bottle without the nipple so long as it has been cleaned. 
  • Stained Kid Clothes or Bathing Suits: If you do want to donate baby clothes, they need to be in good condition. So if your clothes are stained or in poor shape, you shouldn’t donate them. 
  • Used Cribs and Crib Mattresses: Most organizations won’t accept crib mattresses because of hygiene concerns or cribs for safety reasons. If you want to donate this item, it’s best to do so to someone you know personally. 

Donating and Reselling Tips 

Interested in giving your gear a second life? Here are some tips for donating and reselling baby items. 

#1: Make Sure Your Items Are In Working Condition

Before you give away or sell an item, you should make sure it’s still in good shape. Inspect anything you plan to sell or donate for any breaks, tears, stains or other imperfections. While general wear and tear is accepted, make sure the item works and has all of its parts. 

#2: Donate Tricky Items to People You Know 

Nonprofit organizations may not accept things like baby food, diapers, cribs, crib mattresses and car seats. But that doesn’t mean these essential items should go to the landfill. In these cases, connect with friends, acquaintances or people on social media to pass these items along. Just make sure you’re transparent about the make and model of the item, its expiration (if applicable) and its condition. 

#3: Be Honest In Your Product Listing 

Trying to hide any product flaws will only make your life harder. When contacting a consignment shop or posting on social media, make sure you’re honest about the condition of your items. Also, make sure any defects are clearly photographed so the buyer knows what they’re getting into. 

#4: Hide Your Donate Pile

You know the saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone?” Your kids might feel the same, even if they wouldn’t know their old toys are gone unless they saw them being sold. Pro tip: Keep all items you’re planning to sell or donate in the garage or a closet where your kids won’t see them and start using them again. 

#5: Ask About Pickup 

When you have kids, every chore can be a mission. But when it comes to donating kids' items, there may be options that won’t require packing the car and driving to the closest thrift store. Many nonprofits offer pickup, or when you post your listing on social media you can request that the buyer comes to you. GoodBuy Gear also offers pickup to people who live in one of our selling areas. 

Letting Go Is Hard 

We get it. Your kid’s favorite toy or first bouncer chair holds sentimental value. But if it’s crammed in the back of the drawer or collecting dust in the corner of the playroom, another family might make better use of it. 

And handing off baby items to families in need is easier than ever before. Plus: now you can get paid. At GoodBuy Gear, we’re committed to making the baby consignment process easy, safe and empowering. 

Get started selling on our baby gear marketplace today. 



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