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As parents, we all need a village of support whether next door or virtual. This is a judgment-free zone, where you can find resources to parent how you want to parent.
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Is GoodBuy Gear Legit? Your Questions Answered

Wondering if buying and selling with us is too good to be true? All your questions answered, plus a look at our reviews and the inside scoop on our unique approach to kids consignment.

How To Pick a Safe Crib or Baby Bed

When picking out a crib for your child, making sure you pick a safe baby crib and setting up a safe sleep environment should be your top priority. 

How to Stay One Step Ahead of Your Developing Baby

Keeping up with your child's changing needs doesn't have to be challenging. There is gear to help make the journey a little easier for every stage and age.

Best Practices for Car Seat Safety, From a Car Seat Technician

We got a certified Car Seat Technician's insights on car seat safety, correct placement and installation and when to transition to a new car seat.

Baby Wearing Safety: Top To Bottom

It's important that you know how to use your baby carrier safelyHere's an easy top-to-bottom checklist so you can carry confidently.

Your Car Seat Safety Questions Answered

If you have a child, we don’t have to tell you you’re carrying precious cargo. Here's what your need to know about car seat safety.

Swim Safety Tips & Gear for Kids

Enjoy pool and beach time even more by taking these precautions with kids and the water.

Buckle Up: Car Seat Safety Tips

The most important baby gear you buy as a parent is a car seat. This is one item we suggest you don't skimp on. But, just because quality is extra important in this case, that doesn't mean a safe car seat has to be expensive.

Wingmoms: The Fairy Godmothers & Fathers You Didn’t Know You Needed

GoodBuy Gear created the Wingmom, and more recently the Wingdad, to give families an honest and friendly boost of support when shopping for and researching baby and kids gear. Especially second-hand and open-box items.

Cleaning Is a Top Priority at Good Buy Gear: Here's How We Do It

Gear is not accepted for sale if it's not in good to great condition, and everything must pass inspection and be cleaned before we list it. Here’s how we clean and carefully select the great baby and kid items you see on our website. 

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