What Does Open Box Mean? Is It the Same as Used?

Open box means the packaging and box have been opened and the item may or may not have been removed. These products are typically floor models, display models or returns that have been inspected for safety, functionality and cleanliness. Flaws, if any, will be minor. The original box may not be included.

At GoodBuy Gear, we sell a variety of open box kid gear and baby items, from strollers and car seats to toys and feeding gear. These items are usually store returns, floor models or products with a box that may have been damaged during transit. Many retailers have a “final sale” policy on open box baby items, meaning they do not accept returned items. 

When that happens, trusted third-party retailers like us will pick up the item and sell it for a discounted price. So, you get a high-quality item your little one needs, for a fraction of the price. 

Does Open Box Mean Used? 

No, open box does not mean used. The main difference between open box vs. used products is that products labeled “open box” mean that the item packaging has been opened, but never used. Open box products are like-new. Used products have been used by another party. 

Open Box vs. Other Listed Items 

At GoodBuy Gear, we carry a wide assortment of top quality baby gear at reduced price points—from brand new and open box to gently used and loved. 

Brand New 

The item will be in original packaging and/or have the tags still on it and show no signs of ANY use. 

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Open Box 

The item has been opened and may or may not have been removed. There will be little to no signs of use and the item will be in like-new condition. We have a thorough inspection process at GoodBuy Gear and we inspect every product—even open box items. This means that we open the box to make sure it's safe and in working condition for the parent buying it. So, you're basically getting a brand new product, but with our Gear-antee that it is safe and functioning. 

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Barely Used 

The item will show minimal signs of use and may or may not have the packaging or tags. 

Shop Barely Used Items at GoodBuy Gear

Gently Used 

The item may show some signs of use, like minor scratches, dents or stains, but will still include all pieces and is in perfect working order, unless otherwise noted.

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The item shows signs of wear in the form of tears, fabric stains or fading, and may be missing pieces. Some features or functions may not be working properly, but if the item is not working it will be noted.

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Refurbished items are products that have been restored to their original condition. These products are typically pre-owned or used as in-store displays or demos. This is common for laptops and hard drives. You can find a lot of refurbished electronics at stores like Apple or Best Buy. We do not sell refurbished products at GoodBuy Gear. 

What to Consider Before Buying Open Box 

After reviewing thousands of baby items we realized that even an item that has never been used can still have some slight blemishes. For example, an expecting mom received a stroller as a registry gift, took it out of the box, realized it was not her preferred color and therefore it was returned. The simple act of taking a stroller out of a box and putting it back into a box can, unfortunately, create minor blemishes. 

With that said, here are some things to keep in mind before buying open box:

  • Warranty: Sometimes the manufacturer's warranty will not apply to an open box item. 
  • Wear and Tear: Check the product listing for any wear and tear. Each of our product descriptions will give you details on the item's condition and will list any wear and tear.
  • Return Policy: Always check the return policy as every company is different. At GoodBuy Gear, we provide a stress-free guarantee on all the inventory we sell, including consigned seller inventory and open box products.

Should You Buy Open Box? 

Yes, you should buy open box. The best part about buying open box baby items is you can score an amazing deal on an item that is functionally new so you don’t have to compromise on the useful life of the product—worth it! It’s a great option for parents who want to spoil their little one with a high-quality product, but don’t want to pay full price. 

Shop All Open Box Deals 

However, if a minor blemish is going to drive you bananas, or you need the comfort of a manufacturer’s warranty, consider shopping for a brand new product instead. 

The good news is, either way, you can always easily resell it back to us and get up to 80% back of the sale price. Happy shopping! 



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