Safety Tips for Babywearing

Baby carriers and slings can make life a lot more convenient for parents still trying to get things done with a little one around (and happier for babies who like to snuggle in).  But there are so many to choose from and many that are complex to use.

Due to the popularity and increase in use for sling style carriers, new federal standards have been released by The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to make them safer.  While these will apply to any infant sling carrier manufactured or imported after January 30th 2018, it’s good to know what to look for in a carrier - the new standards require things like permanently attached warning labels, ability to carry up to three times the manufacturer’s maximum recommended weight, more durable to avoid seam separations, fabric tears, and breakage, and be able to prevent a child being carried from falling out of the sling during normal use.

While many used baby carriers and slings already meet most of these standards - here are some safety tips we recommend for using a carrier to wear your baby responsibly:

  1. Keep your baby’s airway clear - check often to make sure their breathing is not obstructed and the chin is up and away from the chest.
  2. Be sure that the sling/carrier is the appropriate size for your baby’s age and weight.
  3. Before every use - inspect the sling for wear or damage, along with any buckles, snaps, straps, rings, and seams to make sure everything is in good working order.
  4. Practice using your carrier with a bag of potatoes or sack of flour to get comfortable with it before using it with your baby.
  5. Be mindful while babywearing! Whether it’s where you a putting the carrier on, hazards you are moving around (doorways or hot stoves), bending over, or having loose ends that might cause you to trip - absent-mindedness will cause you to do silly and regrettable things.

We hope this helps and you find among our selection a carrier that you and your baby will love.

A few of the brands we love/sell and why:

Baby Bjorn:

The original Baby Carrier that has been pleasing babies and parents for years. Comfortable, ergonomically correct, and easy to put on and take off on your own without waking baby! Designed to be used from birth and adjusts to fit your growing baby for the first year. No need for an infant insert, the Baby Bjorn provides all the head and body support little ones need.

Shop Baby Bjorn Carriers

Moby Wrap:

Many babies and parents love the close hugging nature of the Moby Wrap and find it both comfortable for baby and parent, preventing back and shoulder pain. It can take time to master, but once you do, you'll love it!

Shop Moby Wraps


This is one of the top selling baby carriers on the market, and for good reason! Super comfortable, easy to use, and long lasting so you can continue wearing your kiddo hands-free into the toddler years. The mesh design provides comfort and air circulation in any weather.

Shop Ergobaby Carriers

Baby K’tan:

Enjoy some hands free time while keeping your baby close with this award winning wrap-style carrier that actually requires no wrapping at all! Innovative double loop design makes it so easy to put on without dragging a long piece of material around or learning complicated warping techniques. Soft, comfortable, and ergonomic for baby and parent.

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Has a broad selection of different types of carriers, from sash tie, to buckles, to wraps, these carriers are made to be durable and they are very affordable.

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