Doona Infant Car Seats and Strollers

Doona Infant Car Seats and Strollers

The Doona is an innovative travel system that transforms a car seat into a stroller seamlessly. Parents rave about Doona’s ease of use, quality and smooth ride.


Strollers & Accessories

Car Seat Strollers

$459.99 - $599.99  $650


$28.49 - $84.99  $100


$28.49 - $84.99  $100

A Little About Doona

Doona™ revolutionized the traditional infant car seat world back in 2015 when they introduced the Doona Car Seat + Stroller. Before then, most parents shopped for an infant seat, a lightweight frame and a stroller. Doona took the infant seat and added wheels and a handlebar to make a car seat that is also a stroller. Doona Car Seat + Stroller has an array of accessories that contend with all other brands to make car rides and strolls comfortably for both baby and caregiver.

Doona weight limits:

  • Rear-facing infant car seat suitable for babies: 4lbs-35lbs (4-11 lbs with infant insert pillow included with purchase)
  • Infant car seat and stroller: 17.2lbs total weight (slightly heavier than a compact stroller, but lighter than any car seat and stroller on the market)

Keep in mind that convenience and quality come with a hefty price tag. In order to make quality brands accessible for every family, we offer Doona products at discounted price points so you can shop confidently. Shop Doona open box (like new) for an average of 50% off traditional retail.

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