5 Easy Ways to Get Creative This Halloween

Gather your ghouls, goblins and green-eyed monsters this Halloween and haunt the neighborhood with ease. We're talking bikes, wagons and scooters to help your little ones trick-or-treat, explore the local decorations, attend a parade and get around during the spooky season.

After all, just because they don’t walk or can't walk long distances, that doesn't mean the Halloween fun has to be cut short. It's easy to stay festive and keep up the good spirits while still making sure you have the proper gear along to support you. 

1. Trick Out Your Ride 

Who says a stroller has to be boring? Add streamers, scarves and sparkly wands to the basic black to help this ride stand out during the local Halloween parade. Battery-powered fairy lights are great for giving a glow, and if your child has something that tinkles and lights up let them take that along too. You can even fashion some horns or funny ears out of cardboard and attach them with strong tape, string or safety pins, making the stroller a character all on its own. 

The same thing can happen with a bike or scooter, though maybe without so much bling since there’s less surface space to work with. A wagon easily turns into a race car by duct taping discarded shipping boxes that have been cut and colored to look like Lightning McQueen. Or add some wings to the sides so your little one is riding not a wagon or tricycle, but a dragon or giant bald eagle instead. 

Little kid on a scooter

2. Incorporate Your Stroller Into The Costume

Some parents have even tricked out that ride to be something entirely different, creating rockets, houses, a giant mouse trap, animal cage, pirate ship and "doll box," to surround their little kiddos. These stroller costumes are great for small kids, and can make Halloween fun even if your little cub is sleeping inside their cave. 

Building around a set of wheels can also work with wheelchairs, wagons and pull-along bike trailers. No matter what baby gear is being used, make sure your child is either too young to mess with the decorations or old enough to enjoy the costume and not try to rip it apart. Nobody wants to deal with a vampire baby sucking the life out of their cardboard coffin. 

3. Make the Wheels Part of the Costume 

One of the best reasons to have a stroller, wagon, bike or other wheeled-device is to make it part of the overall costume. A classic combination is a bike with an ET costume, something that can be made easily with an ET puppet or cut out, bike basket, a red hoodie and a pair of jeans. Or dress your tweens like the kids from Stranger Things, a costume that can all be sourced second hand. How about Evil Kenevil, that 1970s daredevil known for his gravity-defying motorcycle jumps. Just substitute the motorbike for a regular bike and make sure your kid knows they aren’t allowed to soar through any burning hoops. 

A ride-on toy is another natural accompaniment to a costume. The car or plane ride-ons pair well with a kid dressed like a race car driver, pilot, sergeant or anything else that might be driving these "vehicles." Animal ride-ons can have lion tamers aboard, a Disney princess straddling her animal friend and a cowboy or cowgirl riding off into the sunset on their trusty steed. And if your little one wants to be something that doesn't go with their Little Tikes Magical Unicorn Carriage Ride-on Toy, well, that's okay too. Nobody said a ghost can't go trick-or-treating with a unicorn. 

4. Utilize Storage For Ultimate Trick-or-Treating

If you have little kids you know you're going to end up carrying a lot of stuff, no matter if you're heading to the zoo for fall and Halloween fun, going to a party, attending a spooky soiree or trick-or-treating. This is where adding a stroller or wagon to the frightful entourage will be a boon, and you can fill it up with kids, candy, art projects and discarded pieces of costumes.

Also, the diaper bag that doesn't fit in with that carefully-thought out family costume can be hidden in the depths of the storage basket. Not only that, but if you're taking one of these devices trick-or-treating, your kids are able to score even more sweets, without complaining that their plastic pumpkin is too heavy to carry. 

5. Create Your Own Monster Parade

Calling all bikes, wagons, electric cars, ride-ons and more to the ultimate parade. This is a great way to gather friends and family for a low-key, fun and safe Halloween adventure outside. Take over the street and let little ones roam safely around. Fill your stroller or wagon up with sweet treats to hand out. And if you have a bunch of costume pieces, bring them in a bin and let kids play dress up, for themselves and to decorate their bikes and scooters. The wheels not only add an aspect to the adventure, but help the children work off their sugar highs.

No matter what you're using bike, scooter, ride-on, wagon or stroller for, at the end of the day these devices are great for getting tired, sugar-crashing kids up and moving. After all, is there anything more scary than having to carry a 40-pound giant candy bar or a 25-pound T-rex all the way home. We think not. 


Looking for more Halloween inspo? Check out our Halloween collection for the best wagons, trikes and costumes for your little one. 



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