The Best Parenting Apps You Should Know About

Parenting in the 21st Century is high tech. You can manage most of your parenting strategy the same way you manage your life schedule: online. Although high-tech parenting certainly isn’t without frustration, being a parent into today’s tech-focused society comes with its modern advantages.

But it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which apps are most useful. We’ve rounded up seven must-have apps that will simplify your day-to-day while freeing up more time for you to spend with your family. 

Eight Must-Have Apps for Modern Parents

  1. Kidizen - Plain and simple, Kidizen helps you clear the clutter. If your child wears clothes, you need Kidizen. Shop and sell gently used kids’ clothing from the comfort of your couch. Turn your child’s old duds into spending cash or use your earnings to spruce up their wardrobe for the next season. Say goodbye to mountains of too-small clothing without having to haul it all to a local resale shop or donation center. Kidizen will make shopping for kids’ clothes fun again while you put cash in another parent’s pocket and help keep clothing out of landfills. 
  2. Bambino - Like Rover but for babysitters. The Bambino app ensures you will never again be sitter-less for date night. Book your babysitter directly on the app and pay within the app, too. You can message with babysitters before you book them to ensure they are the best fit for your family. You can also connect with your friends through the app to see who they use and recommend to babysit their kids. Finding a sitter has never been so simple.Bambino parenting app
  3. Hatch Rest - The Hatch rest app works alongside the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine that will help your baby sleep like, well, a baby! The Hatch Baby Rest is a sound machine that emits a number of soothing noises to help lull your baby to sleep, as well as a nightlight. When your child is old enough, it also has a time-to-rise light that lets your child know it is okay for them to get out of bed. The best part? You can control this sound machine from your Hatch app.
  4. Maple - This app is your one-stop-shop for managing life. Truly, with this app you can do it all. Organize family events, create to-do lists, create group chats and so much more. You can even show gratitude to someone within your circle that helped complete a task on your to-do list. You control who makes up your in-app family so you will always feel in control.Hatch Rest sound machine
  5. BabyPage - You might hear friends joke and complain that they never got around to completing their child’s baby album. But not you! You have BabyPage, the app that helps you complete albums about your child’s life from day one. Download this app and sign up for notifications and this app will prompt you daily to contribute to your album. When you complete an album, you can order one or multiple copies to share. You can include photos, growth stats, milestones, dreams for your baby and more. Don’t trust yourself to remember the little things later- write them down in BabyPage and you will never forget a moment, big or small.Mother reading to her children
  6. Kidsperience - As your kids grow, so will the stuff they accumulate. Birthdays and holidays will come with mountains of gifts that will be opened and quickly forgotten. Enter Kidsperience, the app that lets you request experiences for your kids. Wishing you could afford a membership to a local museum or zoo? Or maybe you want to start saving for a big-ticket vacation for your kids from day one. Simply create a “wish” on Kidsperience and fill it out in detail. Then, when friends and family ask what they can get your child for an upcoming birthday or holiday, suggest that they contribute to the pooled gift instead of buying smaller objects. You’ll stop collecting things and start collecting memories in no time!
  7. HandsDown - The HandsDown shopping app was created by moms, for moms specifically. Simply download the app, invite your mom crew, organize and save what you want to revisit later and request recommendations as you need them from other trusted moms. It's your one stop shop for trusted shopping recommendations. 
  8. Hello Belly - Whether you are on your first baby or your fourth, you will likely have pregnancy questions. Hello Belly is a great resource that has tons of tips and advice from all kinds of professionals. The app has daily tips to help guide you through 40 weeks and beyond, as well as yoga safe for all stages of pregnancy and guided meditation. You can stash your shopping list in the app, keep track of doctors’ appointments, check symptoms and more. This fun app will be your daily best friend throughout your pregnancy.Pregnant woman looking out the window


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