Words of Advice for New Parents, According to Seasoned Parents

Oh, parenthood. While each parent and family’s journey is unique, there are some common threads between experiences (strollers, sleepless nights, bloomers and the infamous diaper blowouts, to name a few). 

And because so many parents can relate to the same experience, advice for new parents can go a long way. That’s why we checked in with parents working here at GoodBuy Gear to get their top pieces of advice and tips for your new baby. 

Read on for some words of wisdom for new parents from our team of seasoned ones.

1. Ask For Help When You Need It

There are a lot of parents out there. And seeing other families “do it all” might make you feel discouraged from asking for help. But in reality: no one is a perfect parent and everyone needs help sometimes. Don’t be afraid or shy about asking for advice, tips or guidance while navigating your parenting journey. 

GBG Parent Tip: “Single parents and two-parent families alike: do not be afraid to ask for help. It really does take a village!” - Jeremy 

2. Don’t Make Things Harder Than Necessary 

Trust us, we know — there are a lot of guidebooks. But sometimes you have to accept a solution to your problem or annoyance even if it isn’t exactly by the book. Don’t sweat the small stuff or be too hard on yourself trying to be a “perfect” parent. If a healthy solution arises, use it without too much worrying. 

GBG Parent Tip: “For example, don't be scared your child is going to be addicted to a pacifier when they are 3 if that's what calms and soothes them now.” - Sarit 

3. Do Things That Make You Happy

A parent’s task list can be long. But staying true to yourself and carving out time to focus on your hobbies, interests and things that make you happy is important for your emotional and mental well-being. In fact, taking time to yourself to recharge can help you feel refreshed and have more energy for your family. 

GBG Parent Tip: “Happiness is contagious.” - Jessica 

4. Give Yourself Grace

Like anything in life, mistakes are bound to happen in parenting. When you slip up or something doesn’t go according to plan, don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember that parenting is hard and you’re doing your best. 

GBG Parent Tip: “Give yourself grace! It's so much easier said than done but it helps so much during those overwhelming times. Parenting is hard and you're not alone - finding the humor can really help!” - Lauren 

5. Remember That This Too Shall Pass

When it rains, sometimes it pours. But a few hard days or weeks doesn’t mean things are going to be bad forever. Having a new little one come into your life can be shocking (and a lifestyle change), but after some potentially stressful nights during the first year, you’ll learn how to navigate parenthood and maybe even get a few hours of restful sleep. Take a deep breath and move on.

GBG Parent Tip: “When it's hard, and you feel depressed, know that it won't last!” - Aude 

6. Acknowledge That It’s YOUR Journey 

If we’ve said it once, we’ll say it one million times: every parent is unique and every family’s journey is different. So while you might become subject to well-intentioned (but unsolicited) parenting advice and tips, remember that at the end of the day the only instinct that really matters is yours. 

GBG Parent Tip: “Remember that you are the primary expert on your baby. Everyone has what they believe to be the 'right' way to parent, because that worked for their babies. Find your 'right.’ Remember that for every article you read, there's another arguing the opposite point. Listen to suggestions and should you take them, make them your own: No two babies are the same!” - Jeremy

Tips From GBG Parents

In addition to their best advice to become a better parent, we also asked our panel of GoodBuy Parents for some actionable tips that helped them on their parenting journey. 

  1. “For moms planning a vaginal birth, grab yourself some Depends, you'll thank me later!”
  2. “I'm from France, and there is not as much pressure in France for moms to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is not for everybody. The better you mentally are, the better your baby will be!”
  3. "Sleep training is not for everyone but it certainly worked for our family! I am so thankful someone gave us a copy of Babywise as I had never heard of the book let alone the concept of sleep training a baby.”
  4. “Buy used! Your second child will never love what your first one did. When it comes to babies, resell and find the gear that works for your family. Embrace the chaos.” 
  5. “There is SO much content out there it's hard not to get caught up in the comparison game. Try and limit yourself to what is helpful to you and your family by unfollowing certain accounts, trying not to go down a parenting article black hole and tuning out unsolicited advice.” 
  6. “Try your absolute best to be patient with your significant other. Voice your frustrations with your partner and leave all that passive-aggressive pettiness back in pre-parenthood.” 

Truthfully? There’s no one-size-fits-all advice for first-time parents. And there’s definitely not one way to be a good parent. But by connecting with other families—whether through social media or in-person—going through similar experiences, we can all help each other learn, grow and succeed as parents. 

That’s why we created The Village, a judgment-free zone where you can find resources and parenting tips to help on your journey. 



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