The Snuggle Me Organic vs. The DockATot Comparison & Buying Guide

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When you first bring your precious bundle of joy home, they spend a lot of time snoozing. And many new parents find that a baby lounger—like the Snuggle Me or DockATot—is a helpful piece of baby gear to have on hand.

Though the  American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says these spaces should never be used unsupervised or for overnight sleep, these structured pillows can help create a snug fit and soothing environment for your little one to nap or lounge.

But which one is better? And do you really even need one? Our gear experts tested, reviewed and compared the Snuggle Me vs DockATot. Here’s what they had to say.

The Snuggle Me Organic vs.The DockATot: Main Differences 

Snuggle Me and DockATot baby loungers, along with Boppy, are baby shower classics for good reason. But which to choose? Here, we break down the DockATot vs Snuggle Me debate.

While both the Snuggle Me Organic and the DockATot function as a sort of portable bassinet (similar to a Moses basket but lighter and less structured), they have pretty extensive differences. Both infant loungers around cylindrical pillows with short, raised sides to help keep your little one snug and contained, but the Snuggle Me Organic more closely resembles a narrow donut pillow, while the DockATot is a flatter, broader mattress with structured sides. The other big difference that some new parents can’t help but prioritize: The Snuggle Me comes in a mainly single colors, but the DockATot comes in dozens of trendy prints, like marble and florals, that are perfect for your little one’s photo shoots. DockATot also comes in different sizes, with the DockATot Grand, which the brand calls its stage 2 lounging dock, 50% longer and wider, for older babies age 9 months to 36+ months.

Is Snuggle Me Safer Than DockATot? 

Despite any differences in design, both baby products- the Snuggle Me Organic and DockATot—are equally safe places when used properly. According to the safety guidelines from each brand, new parents should never use these baby loungers for co-sleeping overnight sleep, or unsupervised sleep or play. What’s more, you should always follow safe sleep guidelines and your little one should always be put down in the Snuggle Me or DockATot on their back without any blankets, pillows or soft objects to minimize any risk of suffocation. It’s also important to refrain from carrying these baby loungers with your little one inside.

The Snuggle Me: Pros and Cons 

  • Retail Price: $109

  • Amazon Price: N/A

  • Avg. GoodBuy Gear Price: $90

  • Age Range: 0-9 months

  • Avg. Height Limit: 21 inches

  • Snuggle Me Dimensions & Size: Average dimensions: 29 x 17 x 4.5 inches
  • Average Weight: 4 pounds

The Snuggle Me Organic is an infant lounger that’s meant to, well, snuggle and cuddle your newborn baby by creating a snug fit and safe environment for them to have playtime. It’s designed to mimic the environment of the womb—something that helps many little ones better adjust to life in the outside world.

The infant lounger, which is made in the USA of 100 percent organic cotton and polyester fiberfill, is designed a bit like a cylindrical donut pillow that’s fully connected all around. It has a thin interior mattress that seamlessly transitions to fat, cushioned bumpers. The whole thing is then encased in a removable cover (sold separately).

New parents love how easy the Snuggle Me is to clean. The entire thing—both the lounger itself and the removable covers—is washable. There are also lots of add-ons available, like a waterproof mat, to help keep the product clean. You can also buy matching feeding support pillows, swaddle blankets and more.

The Snuggle Me also offers a 6-month manufacturing warranty, which includes baby product defects not caused by customer use or washing, as well as a 60-day return window on all baby products, unless they fall under final sale.

Best for: Families who want an organic materials option


  • Organic materials 
  • Entire product is machine washable 

  • Many complementary add-ons available for sale

  • 60 day return window and 6-month warranty


  • Can’t go in the dryer

  • Some parents say the narrow design makes some babies sweaty

What Our Team Thinks: 

While both products seem widely acceptable and comfortable from baby’s perspective, which is the most important perspective, this means it’s up to you to decide! If organic material or price point or seeking a product a plush product to cuddle around your baby, opt for Snuggle Me.

— Megan Larsen, Gear Expert

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The DockATot: Pros and Cons 

  • Retail Price: $195

  • Amazon Price: N/A 

  • Avg. GoodBuy Gear Price: $44

  • Age Range: 0-8 months

  • Avg. Height Limit: 21 inches

DockATot Dimensions & Size

  • Average dimensions: 29 x 18 x 6 inches inches

  • Average weight: 3 pounds

The DockATot and the Snuggle Me Organic are both baby loungers, so why is the DockATot so much more expensive? For starters, the DockATot, formerly Sleepyhead of Sweden, is a little bit roomier in design, which gives your little one a little bit more space to move around. Some parents also say their newborn babies don’t get quite as sweaty in the DockATot.

The DockATot Deluxe also comes in a wide range of trendy patterns, like florals, marble and gingham. It’s hard for new parents to resist the adorable patterns—they make for some very cute newborn baby photos. And since the machine-washable cotton covers are all removable, you can purchase separate covers if you’d like to change things up every once in a while.

Functionality-wise, the DockATot is just like the Snuggle Me. The infant lounger, which has a flat center sling and short, squat sides, is designed to mimic the comfort of the womb. It serves as a great safe place for your little one to engage in supervised lounging, playtime, cuddling and tummy time. You can even use the space for diaper changes.

If you shop DockATot, you’ll find many compatible accessories, including a highly convenient travel bag that allows you to more hygienically transport the baby lounger. You can also buy baby items like toy arches, cabana kits (little sun shades) and matching nursing pillows and bassinets. DockATot even makes what they call the Grand Dock, a toddler lounger for children up to 36+months that the company says provides a safe place and comforting environment for little ones who need extra soothing.

Best for: Families who want access to fun patterns and play accessories


  • Lots of trendy patterns

  • More playtime accessories available

  • Machine-washable insert and covers


  • Very expensive

  • Not organic

What Our Team Thinks:

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DockATot vs. Snuggle Me Organic: Comparison Chart


Snuggle Me 

Avg. Retail Price 



Avg. GoodBuy Gear Price 



Age Requirements 

0-9 months

0-8 months


29 x 17 x 4.5 inches

29 x 18 x 6 inches inches






Not organic

Comfort / Shape 



Ease of Cleaning 






Price Comparison 

Both baby loungers are relatively expensive items, but the Snuggle Me Organic infant lounger is the more affordable choice. The Snuggle Me Organic retails for $109, while the DockATot Deluxe retails for $195.

Winner: The Snuggle Me Organic 

Period of Use Comparison 

The Snuggle Me Organic can be used from 0-9 months, while the DockATot can be used from 0-8 months. That said, both baby loungers have a height limit of 21 inches, and most parents will find their younger babies will outgrow the DockATot or the Snuggle Me Organic long before 8 or 9 months.

Winner: The Snuggle Me Organic 

Size Comparison 

At, 29 x 18 x 6 inches, the DockATot Deluxe is slightly roomier than the Snuggle Me Organic, which measures 29 x 17 x 4.5 inches.

Winner: The DockATot

Portability Comparison 

Both the Snuggle Me Organic and the DockATot are highly portable, but the DockATot has built-in carry handles that gives it a slight edge. Just note: You should never carry either product with your little one inside of it.

Winner: The DockATot

Material Comparison 

Both baby loungers are made of ultra-breathable fabrics and comfortable lounging materials, but the Snuggle Me Organic is made in the USA of 100 percent organic cotton. The DockATot itself is not made from organic fabrics, but the covers are 100 percent cotton.

Winner: The Snuggle Me Organic 

Comfort and Shape Comparison 

The two infant loungers are both designed to mimic the comfort and security of the womb, but the DockATot is slightly flatter and broader. Some parents find their babies get overly hot in the more narrow Snuggle Me Organic.

Winner: The DockATot

Ease of Cleaning Comparison 

The DockATot and the Snuggle Me Organic are both exceptionally easy to clean. Both baby loungers have machine-washable inserts and removable covers. It’s worth noting, however: While the covers can go in the washing machine, the inserts cannot go in the dryer.

Winner: Tie

Safety & Sleep Comparison 

According to safety guidelines by both brands, as well as the AAP, neither product should ever be used for overnight or unsupervised baby sleep. You should also refrain from co-sleeping with the DockATot or the Snuggle Me Organic. Additionally, your little one should always be put down in these baby loungers on their back without any blankets, pillows or soft objects.

Winner: Tie

Snuggle Me or DockATot: Which is Better? 

When making your list of baby items to buy or register for a baby shower, you might start to sweat a little bit. Newborn babies need a lot of stuff—and, boy, does it get expensive quickly. Here’s some good news: You don’t necessarily need a Snuggle Me Organic or a DockATot. Some new parents just find infant loungers are more structured than boppy loungers and make nice additions to other swings and play gyms, since they serve as an extra spot for baby to rest. If you’d really like to have one, but are concerned about price, opt for the Snuggle Me Organic. It’s a quality baby lounger made out of organic materials—you’ll just have to be ok with a more limited selection of prints. If, on the other hand, you really want something deluxe and cute to boot, opt for the more expensive DockATot. It’s a touch roomier, plus comes in a host of fun patterns and has compatible accessories and baby products like toy arches (sold separately) to enhance play time. 


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