The 6 Best Bassinets for Tall Beds

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If you’re welcoming a newborn, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about all the baby essentials you need and dreaming up the perfect nursery. But, if you’re new parents, you might not know the AAP recommends parents room share for the first 6 months (at minimum!). That means your little one will be crashing with you for the foreseeable future, and a baby bassinet can make things a whole lot easier. Like cribs, a baby bassinet is a safe sleeping place, unlike cribs, they’re much more compact and in some cases, portable. Plus, they inch right up to your adult bed for easy access—key for middle of the night breast feeding and diaper changes.

But if you have a tall bed —one that’s 25 inches or higher—you’ll want to do a little extra research before settling on “the one.” Why? Your average baby bassinet doesn’t get high enough to give you that easy access baby bassinets are designed for, which sort of defeats the whole purpose. Ideally, your little one really will be within an arm's reach to make those middle of the night breastfeeding wake-ups easier on everyone.

To help you weed through all of the bedside bassinets out there, our gear experts spent extra time seeking out baby bassinets with adjustable height settings, analyzing the maximum heights on each, to ensure the following products sit flush with an adult bed.

Our Top Baby Bassinets for Tall Beds

1. Halo Bassinest

  • Retail Price: $300

  • Amazon Price$300

  • Avg. GoodBuy Gear Price: $155

  • Avg. Seller Earnings: $40

Specs & Dimensions: 

  • Height: 34 inches

  • Dimensions: 37.6 x 18.12 x 10.83 inches

  • Weight: 39.5 pounds

  • Recommended age range: Birth to 20 pounds (or when your little one shows signs of rolling over or pushing up on hands and knees, whichever comes first)

The Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is one of the most popular baby bassinets out there, so parents with tall beds will be glad to see it on the list. But before you get too excited, there’s one big caveat here: Because the Halo Bassinest has a very wide base with legs that extend under the bed, this option won’t work if you have a platform bed. If your adult bed does have space under it for the base, you’ll love the easy access this baby bassinet provides. True to it’s name, this swivel sleeper swivels a full 360 degrees to keep your little one close, no matter what side they’ve rolled to.

The bassinest also has a patented breathable mesh sides that are rigid enough to keep baby safe, but collapse under the weight of your arm. What exactly does that mean? When you reach over, the upper bar on the side panel bends, so you can scoop your little one right up without even sitting up - easy access for breastfeeding moms and women who have had a c-section.

This baby bassinet has some smart features to help you soothe your little one too. A simple control panel features an amber night light, an amber floor light, two levels of vibration, and a music box, with four soothing sounds: heartbeat, white noise, babbling brook, and rainforest. Adding to convenience factors, there are also two storage pockets, for items like pacifiers or an even a spare diaper.

Although the Halo Bassinest is on the expensive side, you don’t have to buy any extras (unless you want spare sheets). It comes with a waterproof mattress pad and a machine-washable fitted sheet. Finally, if you’re expecting twins, you’re in luck: Halo makes a twin bassinet that’s also high enough for a tall bed.


  • Comes in a single or twin size

  • Includes a waterproof mattress pad and a fitted sheet

  • Arms bend under your weight, creating easy access to pick up your little one

  • Includes built-in night lights, vibrations, and sounds


  • Base is very wide, so it can’t be used with platform beds

  • Expensive

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2. 4Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

  • Retail Price: $450

  • Amazon Price$337

  • Avg. GoodBuy Gear Price: $251

  • Avg. Seller Earnings: $102

Specs & Dimensions: 

  • Height: 39 inches

  • Dimensions: 29 x 24 x 39 inches

  • Weight: 30.5 pounds

  • Recommended age range: Birth to 25 pounds (or when your little one can push up on their hands or knees, whichever comes first)

This smart baby bassinet looks and functions a lot like another popular model you might recognize—the Snoo—but is half the price. Importantly, the 4Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is also a full 8 inches higher than the Snoo, making it the more suitable deluxe option for parents who have a tall bed. When used with the leg extenders, this bassinet is height adjustable to 39 inches tall.

The settings are relatively vast, especially compared to other bassinets. The rocking bassinet has five movement settings—car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and wave—that operate at five different speeds. What’s more, the unit also has four soothing sounds—fan, rain, ocean, and shhhh—with adjustable volume.

The downside: Unlike the Snoo, the 4Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet isn’t fully autonomous—you have to manually set the rock and sound settings. Thankfully, you don’t have to get out of bed to do so. I used this bassinet for my second child, and loved the convenience of the compatible app, which allowed me the easy access to change the settings from bed, the other side of the room, or even from another room in the house. (There’s also a control panel on the bassinet, if you prefer.) 

Another nice bonus for a small bedroom with limited space: This slim baby bassinet has a storage basket (sold separately) with storage pockets that hangs from it to stash essentials like swaddles, pacifiers or diapers.


  • Multiple movements, speeds and soothing sounds

  • Has a timer

  • A compatible storage basket is available


  • Storage basket sold separately

  • Expensive

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3. Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet

  • Retail Price: $135

  • Amazon Price$120

  • Avg. GoodBuy Gear Price: $110

  • Avg. Seller Earnings: $25

Specs & Dimensions: 

  • Height: 41.5 inches

  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 31 x 41.5 inches

  • Weight: 19.18 pounds

  • Recommended age range: Birth to 15 pounds (or when your little one begins to push up on their hands and knees, whichever comes first)

This isn’t a baby bassinet you’ve likely heard of before, but it’s JPMA Cerified to meet or exceed all CPSC and ASTM standards. Translation: It’s a perfectly safe side sleeper for your little one. And it’s one that’s exceptionally good for tall beds—it is height adjustments to five different levels, each within an inch, to sit flush with bed heights from 22 to 27 inches tall.

Overall, the bassinet is slimmer and more lightweight that some other options. Plus, it’s outfitted on swivel wheels making it a more portable bassinet than most. The only downside to the design? Like the Halo bassinest, this one has legs that tuck under the bed, so it won’t work with platforms.

And while there aren’t any bells and whistles like night lights, white noise, or vibrations built into this bassinet, there are plenty of conveniences new parents will love. The Simmons Kids bassinet has breathable mesh side walls that give you an unobstructed view of your little one and your little one more airflow. Each side of the sleeper also has storage pockets that provide enough room for baby essentials, like burp clothes, pacifiers, and even a spare diaper or a pack of wipes.


  • Height adjustable to five different settings

  • Budget-friendly

  • Two storage pockets 

  • On wheels, making it a more portable bassinet


  • Doesn’t work with platform beds

  • No smart features like night lights, white noise, or vibrations

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4.  Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Extra Tall

  • Retail Price: $200

  • Amazon Price:$200

  • Avg. GoodBuy Gear Price: $150

  • Avg. Seller Earnings: $28

Specs & Dimensions: 

  • Height: 34 inches

  • Dimensions: 20 x 37 x 34 inches

  • Weight: 22.2 pounds

  • Recommended age range: Birth to 20 pounds (or when your little one begins to push up on hands and knees or can roll over, whichever comes first)

Sometimes versatility is key, and this Baby Delight baby bassinet gives parents options: You can use it as a bedside bassinet or as a co-sleeper. When you want easy access, simply unzip the side panel closest to your bed and push the entire unit right up to the side of your bed, securing the whole thing with the included safety straps and making it within arm's reach. 

This tall bassinet is height adjustable to eight different heights, capping out at a relatively impressive 34 inches, so you should have no trouble with bed heights between about 27-30 inches tall. It’s pretty portable, too. At just 22 pounds, you can move this lounger from room to room at your convenience. If you live in a single-level home or apartment, you might even consider using it next to the couch for easy access during nap time!

No matter how—and where—you use this Baby Delight baby bassinet you’ll appreciate the breathable mesh walls that provide plenty of airflow and give you a direct view of your little one.


  • Eight height adjustments

  • Can be used as a bassinet bedside sleeper or a co-sleeper

  • Lightweight and relatively portable


  • No smart features like night lights, white noise, or vibrations

  • Not as attractive as some other options

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5. Graco My View 4-in-1 Bassinet

  • Retail Price: $180

  • Amazon Price$180

  • Avg. GoodBuy Gear Price: $117

  • Avg. Seller Earnings: $47

Specs & Dimensions: 

  • Height: 28.23 inches

  • Dimensions: 33.5 x 23.19 x 32.25 (with bassinet)

  • Weight: 25.7 pounds

  • Recommended age range: Birth to 20 pounds (bassinet); Birth to 35 inches tall (playard)

Is this Graco bassinet the most comfortable or attractive baby bassinet out there? No, but this pack 'n play style is a worthy option for new parents with tall beds—especially parents who want something practical, versatile, and built to last.

Babies typically outgrow bassinets by about 5 months, at which point they move to a crib for the better part of their toddlerhood. But since the Graco My View 4-in-1 functions as a playard once the removable bassinet is out of the picture, parents can use it as both a safe play space and a portable crib for years to come. My two-year-old still naps in his! Graco also makes similar playard/bassinet combos that come with a changing table, too. When you consider this kind of versatility and longevity, you understand the value of this option.

When the bassinet is attached to the playard, the baby sleep space is just over 32 inches off the ground, so it has no trouble matching various bed heights up to about 30 inches (remember: you have to account for the actual height of the mattress, not necessarily the top of the bassinet).

Of course, just like other playards, this one is extremely portable. It has two built-in swivel wheels so you can move it around your home. Alternatively, you can simply lift the bassinet up and off of the removable playard to bring it into another room. And if you’re traveling? The whole thing collapses with the press of a few buttons and folds into a carry case complete with a handle.


  • High versatility and can be used for years

  • Highly portable

  • Great overall value


  • Not as attractive as others

  • Not as comfortable as others

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6. Milliard Bedside Bassinet

  • Retail Price: $180

  • Amazon Price: $140 

  • Avg. GoodBuy Gear Price: n/a

  • Avg. Seller Earnings: n/a

Specs & Dimensions: 

  • Height: 40 inches

  • Dimensions: 41 x 27 x 40 inches

  • Weight: 25 pounds

  • Recommended age range: Birth to 20 pounds

Like the Baby Delight Extra Tall Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet, this product can be used as a bedside sleeper or as an attached co-sleeper—as long as your adult bed isn’t taller than 31 inches high. The bedside bassinet has three adjustable height settings to help you get the fit just right to your adult bed.

The Milliard isn’t fancy per se—it doesn’t have any white noise, night lights, or vibrations. But it’s a perfectly safe sleeping space for your little one, thanks to features like breathable mesh sides. It’s not wholly basic, either. The bedside bassinet does have storage pockets, as well as an included carry case. And since it’s so easy to assemble and disassemble, this portability is a really nice bonus for parents who plan to travel a lot. Alternatively, this baby bassinet is also a good option to keep with the baby essentials at the grandparent’s house, since you can disassemble and stash it in its case when you’re not there.


  • Budget-friendly

  • Portable

  • Can be used as a baby bassinet or co-sleeper


  • No smart features like white noise, night lights, or vibrations

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The Bottom Line

If you’re still feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the options, you can take comfort knowing that all of the baby bassinets and co-sleepers on this list are perfectly safe sleep spaces for your little one. To make your final decision, first consider the height of your adult bed. If your bed is exceptionally tall, that might rule out a few options, like the Halo Bassinest. But if your bed is on the high end of average—or just over average height—you’ll have more options at your disposal. In that case, think about your lifestyle. If you want something that can help soothe your little one. you might try the 4Moms MamaRoo, for example. Or, if you really want versatility and something budget-friendly, consider the Graco My View 4-in-1—you can’t beat the value, considering you’ll be able to use it multiple ways for years to come.

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