Baby Safety Products Every Parent Needs

One thing every parent worries about is the safety of their child—not to mention the safety of the baby and kid gear they use. In fact, it’s so important to us that we've created a whole list of gently-used and open box items that will help you keep your family as secure as possible. After all, whether those little ones are sleeping, playing, riding, exploring or eating, it's good to know they are in safe hands. 

Baby Safety at Home


One of the first places to seek out safety tools is in the home. Little hands can find many ways to get into trouble, and from the moment they start moving around it’s paramount to secure the house. Start with baby gates like the BabyDan Premier Walk-Thru Pressure Mount Gate or any of the gates and playpens made by North States. These will help keep your little ones from tumbling down stairs, going into a room that isn't baby proofed, and keeping children from walking or crawling into the kitchen when someone is busy with hot pans and boiling water. 

There are many other ways to babyproof the home too, from protecting little heads from bumping into sharp corners, locking cabinets that contain hazardous materials like cleaning supplies, and securing the dials on the stove. Companies such as Safety 1st, KidKusion, Elitebaby and Safety Innovations make an array of safety gear, including cabinet and drawer latches, padding that sticks onto the sides of tables, appliance locks, and braces for furniture. Find bundles of new, gently-used and open-box childproofing, and take the right steps to make sure your house is safe for curious hands and toddling children.

Sleep Like a Baby

sleeping baby

Let's face it, when your baby sleeps it can be as scary as it is decompressing. There are a lot of ways to prevent bad things from happening, especially when you have the right baby gear on hand. For new babies, the Owlet smart monitoring system keeps track of heart rate and oxygen levels, something that can ease the mind of a new parent. A video monitor is also a good way to keep an eye on your sleeping child, and be alerted if they are awake or need something. This device is also great for those panicked moments in the middle of the night when you need to check on the slumbering babe, just to make sure everything is okay.

Aside from monitors, sleep sacks are another baby must-have, and are a safer option than using a blanket or heating device to keep your infant warm. A sleep sack will keep the body cozy without a dangerous tangle of blankets. However, not all sleep sacks are made equal, and some may not work for your baby. This is where we come in with a variety of brands and plenty of gently-used options so you can try them all out to find the perfect one. Perhaps you'll find the magic in the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit (and save at least $10 off the retail cost). Or, discover why people love the Nested Bean Zen Sack and/or the Snoo Sack. There are many great options in this category to choose from.

As for where your child sleeps. Make sure to get a solid crib or bassinet that's not expired or missing any hardware. Same when looking for a bed rail. These items are great for keeping your child from rolling out of their big kid bed. Whether gently-used or open box, each item sold to us is thoroughly cleaned and quality-checked before it's listed, so you know it's safe and ready for your kid to have a restful and risk-free night.

Baby Bathing 101

bathing baby

It's a hard and fast rule that a baby and toddler should never be left in the bath alone, no matter how shallow the water is. In fact, based on parent surveys by JAMA Pediatrics, it’s  recommended to not let your kid bathe without supervision until they are just over 6.5-years-old. Of course each parent knows their child and can make their own informed decisions about bath time. These tools can help too, especially for infants and toddlers. 

When it comes to infants, the Stokke Flexi Bath Bundle Pack has everything you need to make bathing your tiny one easy and safe. Features include a non-slip bottom, a newborn support panel and a color-changing plug that lets you know if the water is too hot or too cold. This foldable and portable bath can actually be used for kids up to 4-years old, so when you spend $45 for an open-box option, $20 cheaper than the retail price, you're investing in hundreds of risk-free baths for your kid.

The Summer Infant My Bath Seat is another great way to bathe a baby or young toddler without fear of them slipping in the water. It keeps the child seated and safe, allowing them to still splash and play without their head being submerged. Or there's the Blooming Bath Baby Bath Lotus, which is a plush, water-friendly flower that can fit right in the kitchen sink for hands-on baby bathing. In general, by providing a small, controlled space, most baby bathtubs are a secure way to make sure bath time is purely good clean fun.

Keep in mind all kids can benefit from an in-bath water temperature gauge, which will tell you if it's too hot for tender young skin. Another great product for bath time safety is the Skip Hop Bath Time Essentials, which comes with a cute spout cover so little ones don't bang their heads on the sharp metal, knee and elbow pads for parents to be comfortable, and a simple rinser so they don't get overwhelmed by water. 

Riding Around Carefree 

doona stroller

Whether in a car, stroller or cart, taking the kids on a ride is something that happens all the time, and it needs to be safe. When taking your little one in a car you need to have a quality car seat or booster seat, and to make sure it's the right size for your child and installed properly. And, though it's not necessarily a safety tool, installing a car mirror in the back so you can see your rear-facing baby as you drive can make you feel more secure while on the go. 

The other main type of riding is done in a stroller. In general strollers are safe, as long as they meet all the industry standards and don't have any missing parts, broken pieces and contain all the proper straps. This is another category we excel in, and we carry all sorts of quality strollers both second hand and open box. That means if you get a gently-used Mima Xari Stroller you can rest assured not only will your baby be traveling in style, but security as well.

Finally there's riding around in a shopping cart. Yes, sanitizing wipes are fine, but a portable cart cover is even better. They work by being inserted into the cart, with holes for the legs, and folding over the edges where your child grabs, bites, sucks and in general touches way too much. There’s a clip-on safety belt as well, which keeps kids secure in the seat as you shop. It works on many restaurant highchairs too, and some baby swings at the park. In fact, this is one piece of gear that's even more useful than you can imagine, and it fits inside the diaper bag and can be cleaned in the washing machine.



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