Cleaning Is a Top Priority at Good Buy Gear: Here's How We Do It

We get it, sometimes highchairs get splattered with spaghetti sauce, babies spit up on carriers and somehow blueberries always find a way to get ground into the seat of the ExerSaucer. But while this scenario isn't unusual, any gently-used kid gear you get from Good Buy Gear won't show traces of this sort of mess thanks to our cleaning protocols.

Even before the pandemic hit, Good Buy Gear had standards for its second-hand items, something that has been dialed in and refined since we first launched in 2016. This means no toy, infant gear, stroller, crib or carrier gets accepted for sale if it's not in good to great condition, and everything must pass a look over and be cleaned before we list it. These cleaning and quality guidelines became even more stringent since COVID-19 came into the picture, ensuring any item our customers buy is not only ready-to-use, but also safe and sanitary. 

Here’s how we clean and carefully select the great baby and kid items you see on our website.

The Cleaning Process 

When it's time to process a drop off we first look through the bundle to find out what will be viable to sell based on the aforementioned criteria. Are all the parts there? Check. Is there food crusted on the gear? No, good. Can we wipe off that marker all over the plastic tray? Yes, perfect. Any mystery stains that can't come out? Nope. Would I let my child play with this? One hundred percent. 

Once the items have gone through this basic look over we give the kid and baby gear a wipe-down with disinfectants, checking to make sure it's clean throughout. Some items need a deeper cleaning, be that machine washing an Ergobaby carrier or the cover of a Snuggle Me lounger; or requiring a longer scrubbing time. True to form, all our cleaning products are also eco-friendly as well as baby and kid safe. 

While everything does get cleaned that doesn't always mean there isn't a minor stain here and there. Some high-demand items are worth the slight imperfection given the base cost and how useful the working gear is. However, we always indicate any discoloration in the product description with a corresponding photo. If a product cannot be cleaned we will not list it.

What We Do and Don't Accept 

The first step in knowing how we keep things sanitized is to understand what kind of kid gear we accept in the first place. For starters, stuffed animals and dolls, inflatable toys, clothing and shoes are not bought or sold from our company. The main reason for this is we don't believe they clean well enough to meet our standards, some of the gear just isn't worth the extra work on the monetary side, and not everything translates through our online platform as well as other items. Good Buy Gear also doesn't take in gear that's damaged or unsafe, and we check to make sure all baby and kid items haven't been recalled. 

For example, we can't take that shiny Bumbo seat that doesn't have straps, even if it's in the box since it's been deemed unsafe by the manufacturers. A stroller with a broken harness or tears in the seat and sides won't be accepted because it doesn't keep a child secure. And while toys sometimes can be taken that have missing pieces, if it's cracked, jagged, feels dirty or has too much wear on it, the item won't enter our inventory. It's also for safety and legal reasons we don't take used car seats (but we are able to sell unused, open box ones from our trusted partners). 

Pandemic Protocols 

COVID-19 has changed how we process kid gear too. Everything that enters the warehouse fore processing must rest for at least 24 hours. It's a system that makes sure nothing is passed on to our Wingmoms, Wingdads or customers and over the last 10 months it's worked well.

How You Can Help 

The best way you can help us is to give everything a good wipe-down or wash before dropping off with us. Not that it's always necessary, if you're selling an item that needs more in depth cleaning Good Buy Gear charges a small fee between $5 and $15, depending on the job and how much the item is worth. 

But if you just spot check it beforehand, not only does this make the cleaning double thorough and our ability to photograph and post items faster, it also means the item you're bringing in has a better chance of being listed. This especially rings true for the lower-priced items. While we sanitize and make sure the toys and baby gear is in good condition to sell, we don't deep clean any of these items. 

Through all these steps Good Buy Gear makes sure our second hand and gently used toys, strollers, baby devices and kid gear are ready for a new home. We are here to help make life easier, and worrying about the cleanliness of kids' stuff shouldn’t be on your mind when shopping with us. And, in case you have any questions, there's always someone available to chat with. 

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