Holiday Shopping On a Budget

This holiday season save some money and go the sustainable and economical route by shopping for kid gear on a budget. After all, there's no rule stating you have to spend a lot of money during the holidays, especially when it comes toys. 

For starters, there's a lot of good stuff that's been gently used or comes in an open box, and Good Buy Gear gets plenty of present-perfect bikes, wagons, dolls, superheroes, toy boxes, art kits and baby toys, plus so much more. Here are some great ways to shop this holiday season with a plan, and without breaking the bank.

Make a Plan

The first step in shopping while on a budget is to make a plan. This includes how much to spend on each person and how many gifts you're wanting to present to them. Some observant kids are very keen to make sure their brother or sister doesn't get more gifts than they do, so this is another component to keep in mind. Also, younger children often like opening many things more than getting one, big and/or expensive present.

Once your budget is mapped out, list the items you really need to get this year. Is your daughter set on having a dollhouse? Has your son been talking about a karaoke machine for the last five months? Does your baby need a play gym? Make sure you know what you're looking for, and then start searching online and shopping sales as early as possible. Procuring gifts early is another way to help maintain a budget and not spend a large chunk of money right away, and it's also a good method for getting the best price on those must-have items.

Open Box Gear

Buying something that's open box is a clever shopping secret not everyone knows about. These goods aren't second-hand, but they aren't sealed in a fancy box either. Sometimes the box is too damaged to look nice, but let's be honest, kids rarely care about the packaging of their new monster truck or pink baby grand piano. 

Shopping for open box baby gear can save hundreds of dollars. For example, the aforementioned kid piano by Schoenhut retails new for $120, but at Good Buy Gear the same item in an open box is just $70. That's $50 you can use to purchase a toy electronic guitar for your other kid who wants to join their sister's band. 

Open box isn't just for toys either. Strollers, car seats, baby bouncers, diaper bags and more are available at any give time on our website. So if you're a grandparent looking to trick out your grandson's ride or know someone needs a good booster seat for their toddler, these make great gifts too. If there's something you're particularly looking for, ping it so you will get a notification when it's in stock or reach out via the chat feature to find out when and if something like that might be coming in. 

Buying Toys

For many families there is no lack of toys around. Yet, each holiday and birthday the number grows. While we may not be able to eliminate the need for something fresh in the toy bin, we can help it cost a lot less. As mentioned before, most kids don't care about packaging, especially if it's wrapped up in pretty paper already. So, why not get something gently used to put under the Christmas tree this year. 

In fact, shopping second-hand is a great way to get a bundle of goodies for a lot less. For example, a set of plastic animals make great stocking stuffers, and only set you back around $5. We are constantly seeing wonderful, gently-used baby grasping toys too, and a bag of these gift-able items usually runs around $7 and can fill a whole sock or surprise box. On the baby front, there are plenty of cute talking, moving and educational toys perfect for the holidays, and best part, you don't need to struggle with the "frustration free" packaging when they get it.

The Truth Behind Books 

Books may be one of the greatest things to share with a child, and the holidays are a perfect time to gift a favorite tome and curl up by the fire as a family. But, you don't have to spend a lot of money. We understand why new books are expensive, and writers certainly deserve revenue. However, when budgeting for the holidays this is one item that gets pricy fast. 

Good thing second-hand books are easy to come by. They are also inexpensive, which means the possibility of giving even more enrichment this season. Many of our tomes come in bundles, running around $5 to $10, depending on how many you get. There is also a cache of new books on the Good Buy Gear site, including popular titles such as The Pigeon Needs a Bath by Mo Willems, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and Today is Monday by Eric Carle (to name a few, the stash always changes). There are board books for little ones, first readers, teen books, hardback copies and more.


Factor in Family

Budgeting doesn't just stop at your check book, family gifts can also play a part. If your in-laws, mom and aunt are anything like my family, the kids won't want for much. Each year my children get so many toys from our extended family, we don't actually need to buy anything. Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming too, so we try and dole out gifts slowly instead of heaping a pile of presents on our 3 and 6-year-old. 

Anticipating what might be coming helps when planning what to shop for during the holidays. It's also a great way to spend less. We usually offset the barrage of family gifts with a couple choice items for our littles. A gift from Santa, a new outfit or coat, a book and a toy they wanted. Of course each family is different, and in the end you should shop how it feels comfortable for you.

Extend the Budget 

A good way to get more funds for holiday shopping is to sell some of the kid gear you don't want or need anymore. Good Buy Gear will list products for you, so it will be out of the house, clearing the way for the new stars of the playroom. You can also see about how much money you can make on the sellers dashboard. The worth of some things may surprise you. 



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