20 Interactive Travel Toys for Toddlers

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Traveling with your toddler can be stressful. They can be difficult to entertain for long periods of time–especially during a long car or plane ride. 

The secret? Be prepared with the right travel gear to keep your little one busy. There are several interactive travel toys for toddlers that limit screen time and can keep them entertained for hours. To help, we’ve worked with our Gear Experts to identify some of the best travel toys to take on your next trip. 

The Best Airplane Toys for Toddlers 

Believe it or not, it is possible to quietly entertain your 2-year-old on a plane. You just need to pack for fun. Having plenty of airplane and age-appropriate toys on-hand can keep your child happy and entertained for the duration of your trip. 

1. Alphabet Book

Leap Frog Dino’s Delightful Day Alphabet Book

Help your child explore their ABCs and so much more with an alphabet book. These fun and educational books are interactive and introduce your toddler to their ABCs, shapes, colors and so much more. The greatest part? It’s small and easy to pack in your kid’s carry-on. 

2. Pretend Play Toys 

Going on a trip can be exciting. Make the trip even better by bringing a pretend play toy bundle and play set so your child has something new to open. Just opening the package can keep a toddler happy and entertained! It’s also a fun way to kick off their big adventure.

3. Art Kits 

Keep little hands busy with an art kit. These comprehensive kits make excellent travel toys for preschoolers and older toddlers. Reusable stickers, crayons, paper and more provide toddlers with plenty of ways to be entertained through creative play. Think of it as a mess-free coloring book. 

4. Slide Writers 

Fisher Price StoryBots Slide Writer

Mess-free fun, a slide writer offers an easy way to draw, scribble or doodle. Plus, everything is attached so there’s nothing to leave behind on the plane. 

5. Interactive Books

Books—whether a sticker book, busy book or activity book—make excellent travel activities airplane travel. Help the miles fly by with an interactive book by Disney or a collection of soft books. Some even come with finger puppets!

6. Shape Sorters

Shape sorters are a great toddler airplane toy. They come in a variety of options to help toddlers learn shapes and colors and master small motor skills. 

7. Molding Dough

Relevant Play Toki Dough

Squishy, stretchy and fun, molding doughs like Play Doh, Toki Dough or the Melissa & Doug Dough Kit are big-time sensory fun for 2 or 3-year-olds. Molding doughs are a fun way for little hands to stay busy making shapes, or by just rolling and smashing.

8. Baby Dolls

Give your toddler a baby of their own to bring along. They’ll love having a baby to share in their adventure and someone to look after just like you look after them. 

9. Plush Toys

One of the best travel toys for toddlers, a plush toy is fun, fun, fun. Plush toys are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles and can be very comforting to a little one on a new adventure. 

10. Wooden Puzzles

Montessori makes some of the best toys for family travel because of their many benefits including problem-solving and hand-eye coordination. One of our favorite toys to take on a family trip are wooden puzzles. These durable puzzles are a fun way to develop fine motor skills and entertain young travelers.

The Best Road Trip Toys for Toddlers 

Road trips with kids can feel daunting. Especially if you don’t want them to be on an iPad the whole car ride. Give your toddler plenty to do by packing interactive road trip toys like the ones we’ve hand-picked below. 

1. Talking Phones 

Little Learner My Fun Talking Phone

Keep your toddler entertained for the long-haul with their own talking phone. They can explore numbers, colors and shapes as they play.

2. Pop-Its

Road tripping toddlers will have loads of fun with fidget toys like pop-its. These fun sensory toys help your kiddo explore colors and shapes through touch.

3. Keys

Keys are great travel toys toddlers. Toy keys are fun and engaging. Some keys even play car-like sounds or music, which your little one will love.

4. Light Boards

Crayola Ultimate Light Board

Bring along fun and creativity with a light drawing board. Your child can create bold art through light with these highly engaging toys. 

5. Musical Toys

Bring music and fun along with a toy that delights and entertains. Little ones can’t help loving a toy that dances and makes music just for them. 

6. Classic Books

Add toddler classics like those from acclaimed author Eric Carle to your road trip packing list. These books have been a staple for toddlers and young children for generations. 

7. Soft Books

Sassy Rookie Books

For the youngest of book lovers, soft books are a car trip lifesaver. These quiet books offer a sensory experience toddlers can’t get enough of. 

8. Car Seat Toys

Buckle toys are ideal for attaching to a car seat or even a stroller, plush car seat toys offer sensory entertainment that’s soft, safe and fun. 

9. Little People Superheroes

Bring along a bundle of Little People Superheroes for big fun. Keep your toddler busy for miles with a special bundle of their favorite figures from Little People. 

10. Little People Animals

Bring along an interactive and educational toy that lets your toddler hear and see animals of the world. Your little one can improve their fine motor skills every time they pull the cord to experience their favorite animal sounds.

When traveling with your toddler it’s important to be prepared. GoodBuy Gear can help you have the right gear no matter where your parenting journey takes you. From used toys and new and open box toys to strollers, car seats and more, we have you covered for all of life’s moments.



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