Small Baby Items: Easy To Store Products For City Dwellers

There are a lot of great reasons to live in the city, but roomy homes aren't one of them. Quarters become even more cramped once kids come into the picture. Who knew they needed so much stuff?

The good news is you probably need way less than you think you do. With careful consideration and an eye for design, outfitting your baby's life doesn't mean getting rid of all your treasures. Instead, shop smarter for small and easy-to-store gear and keep the following points in mind. 

Only Get What You Need 

Babies, it turns out, don't need much. Instead of filling your registry with what sounds good, really consider what will be used right away, and consider asking for gift certificates to purchase gear when you actually need it down the line. Need help with knowing what to add to the physical list? Try out our gear finder quiz.

Size Matters

It's true, size really does matter when it comes to how much space you have and what it is you're putting in it. A large and elaborate stroller system just won't work in a tight apartment, and you certainly won't want to lug it up flights of stairs. 

So, instead of getting the popular Graco Modes travel system, go smaller and start out with the Graco SnugRider, a lightweight frame that allows you to click in an infant car seat. Or, for older babies and toddlers, choose a simple but sturdy stroller that folds up flat like the UPPAbaby Minu or the Baby Jogger City Select. Both of these are often sold gently-used or in open box condition. Bonus, shopping for open box items helps combat the 5 billion-plus pounds of goods that end up each year in landfills, all from returns. 

The same space-saving idea applies to high chairs. For one, you don't need this item until your baby starts to eat solid foods, around six months, so don't waste space with one before that. Once your family is ready for the solid food journey, check the options. Many stand-alone highchairs take up a lot of floor area due to the wide legs. Keep this in mind when shopping and look toward models such as the Beaba Up & Down High Chair and the Joovy Nook High Chair, and both fold up for easy storage. Or, go even more compact and use a clip-on, foldable highchair such as Phil & Teds Hook On High Chair or Inglesina Fast Table Chair. That way it can go right on the end of the table or kitchen counter. Doesn't help with the mess babies make, but will save space.

All-In-One For Simple Storage 

Instead of many baby devices cluttering your city dwelling, choose one that does it all. We're talking about the 4moms MamaRoo, a swing that offers five motions, five speeds, built in sounds, has an adjustable seat and can be controlled from your phone using Bluetooth. It's a great item, and often we see it in gently-used and/or open-box condition, so you can not only save room, but money too. The MamaRoo also resales easily, so recouping finances when your baby outgrows it is another bonus. 

Cribs are another thing to consider when dealing with space constraints. A large crib is great for older infants and toddlers, but it can take up a lot of restate. Start simple with the SNOO Smart Sleeper, a smaller piece of furniture that helps soothe your little one when they wake and takes up less room than an armchair. This can be used until your child is about six months old. Then sell it and get a crib that can transform into a toddler bed. That way, you can put off getting a bigger bed until your kid really needs it. 

As far as baby gear goes, invest in a play gym that one, you aesthetically like since you'll see it all the time, and one that can go beyond the first six months. One of the most popular items that fits the bill is Lovevery The Play Gym. This durable item grows with your child, from infancy through the first year, at least. Plus, it folds up so when the little one is sleeping, the baby gear can be put away.

Don't Hold On to Baby Gear 

Selling or giving away gear as your child grows is the best way to keep a small space (or any place really) clutter free. Keeping that bouncer or infant lounger once your little one is crawling doesn't do anyone any good. And, if you really love it, buy it again when you have another child. In fact, GoodBuy Gear offers seller’s insurance for parents who want to buy back the same item they sell. 

GoodBuy Gear will literally come to your house to pick up gently-used baby, kid and nursing items, and in turn, you’ll make money and have less clutter in the house. 

Another benefit to selling items when your child outgrows it, you actually save money in the long run. The newer the model and less used it is, the more it resales for. So if you do want, say that Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller Combo again with kid number two, you can invest in the latest version. 

Top Easy-to-Store Products 

Here are some of our gear experts' other favorite space-saving items. 

Ready to optimize your space? Shop our easy store products and schedule a selling service to declutter!



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