Baby Registry Essentials To Add To Your Your List

Creating a space for your new baby should be fun, and with these baby registry ideas the task just got a lot easier. There's tons of kid gear out there, we know, and it helps to have a plan and know what you might actually need. From the nursery to the car to the kitchen, stock up on infant must-haves for every room, and get prepared to welcome the new little person coming into your home. 

And, in case you want more hands-on guidance, Good Buy Gear has a team of parents ready to make this process go smoothly and help you get all the baby registry essentials on your list. All you have to do is book a time to chat through our online form to reserve this free service. In the meantime, start preparing with these tips and tricks.

Did You Know We Partnered With Babylist?

That's right, you can add Good Buy Gear's gently-used items onto your baby registry through Babylist, an online company that simplifies the whole registry process. It's easy to set up too. The first step is going to and filling in all the important information such as your name, address and when the baby is due. Then add this button to your favorites, which is sometimes under the bookmarks section depending on what browser you use. Ta-da, it's done! 

From there shop Good Buy Gear's open box strollers and car seats, second-hand baby bouncers and carriers, toys, cribs and anything else you might require for those first six months of parenthood. Once you find something you like then just click on the "Add to Babylist" button and it will go straight into your registry. The site also lets you integrate products from other websites, so you don't have to send out a separate list for each retailer. That way your aunt can send a gently-used baby bouncer from us as well as that adorable set of tiny baby booties from Etsy. It's a win-win for you and your little one. 

Baby Registry Essentials 

Not all popular baby gear is necessary, but there are some items every family needs. For starters, a place for babies to sleep. This includes cribs, bassinets and even co-sleeper units that attach to the bed or rest nearby, like the handy Halo Bassinest, which often shows up on our site for around $85 (retails for around $240).

Another baby registry essential is a baby carrier and/or stroller. Don’t be surprised if you find it hard to pick one of these off the bat, especially if this is your first child and you don't know which method of travel works best for the family. We suggest reading up on how to choose a baby carrier, found here on our blog, to help get a sense of the different styles and various brands such as Ergobaby, Baby Bjorn and Moby Wrap

baby bjorn

As for strollers, the perfect one really depends on what you want, your lifestyle, budget and how often and how long you want to use it. Some of our favorites, but by no means the only ones we like, include the all-in-one UPPAbaby Vista, which grows with your kid and has room for more children; the Mockingbird Single-to-Double; and the BOB, which is a jogging stroller. All these items can be bought gently-used at a fraction of the retail cost, and are perfect for adding to the baby registry. 

best stroller for baby registry

Diapers are inevitable too, no matter if they are disposable or cloth. Decide if you want a full changing table or a simple, wipeable changing mat to place wherever the little one needs to be freshened up, either way, it's something you'll want to procure before the baby comes home. The peanut-shaped Keekaroo is a high-end brand that's perfect for a baby registry. If you want a standard contoured changing pad make sure to also add a handful of covers onto the wish list, you'll be surprised how often you'll go through them. Finally, don't forget to put a diaper pail on the baby registry. Diaper Dekor works well, and since we sell gently-used ones for around $12 (retails for $45), the giver will most likely happily spring for the special odor-sealing bags that go in it.

bumbo changing pad

Browse Our Wingmom's Must Haves

We have tapped into our team of moms to help navigate the subject of baby registry ideas by letting them list the things they couldn't live without. Choose from baby gear round-ups that feature themes including natural, luxury, practical and deal hunter scores. These helpful registry examples showcase what gear they think is key for traveling, feeding, diapering, sleeping, playing and more. And if you have more questions about what should go on your own baby registry, request a free call with one of our kid gear experts.

Why Source Used Baby Gear 

There are many reasons to ask for gently-used stuff for your newborn. For starters, when you shop second hand you're helping reduce waste, which is setting up a better and healthier planet for that little person. Reusing an item rather than buying new can reduce its carbon footprint by 82-percent. We like that number. Plus, there's no extra packaging to throw into a landfill.

Another reason adding second-hand gear to your baby registry essentials is to save money, and who doesn't like that. Even if you're not spending the money, the person shopping from your list benefits, and it may make them more likely to go for that high-end UPPAbaby stroller or Nook playmat when it's 30 to 60-percent cheaper than retail cost.

Finally, let's be honest, not all baby gear works for your family or your baby. It's not uncommon to get the hottest item your best friend swears by and then have your newborn hate it. By shopping second hand the price point is low enough and the ability to resale high enough that it doesn't feel like a hit if you need to try a different item. No matter how you go about preparing the nursery and your life for the new baby, in the end it's all about creating a baby registry that speaks to your family in the best way possible. 



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