The Psychological Benefits of Decluttering

Get ready for the new year by decluttering the house of kid gear, unused clothes, books and anything else that adds to the mess. But how can parents get organized without losing their minds in the process? We sat down with Caitlin Sirianni, a professional organizer from NEAT Method, a lifestyle service committed to providing a more smartly-appointed living space for any family across the country. 

Neat Method Oragnizer

Caitlin Sirianni, a professional organizer from NEAT Method

"We recognize that life gets hectic and maintaining an organized home can become a challenge," says Caitlin, who works to customize a solution for families that is not only effective, but sustainable. "This includes organizing, purchasing and implementing solutions, and donating or consigning any unwanted items, leaving our clients with nothing left to do but enjoy their space."

She shares how decluttering is not only good for your home, but your overall happiness as well. Plus, a few NEAT Method tips that Caitlin has used in her own life and with clients. 

Tidiness and Mental Health 

Not only does creating a clear space feel good on the outside, but it's been proven to be useful for our mental health as well. In fact, Caitlin started NEAT Method after a career as an exercise physiologist, and has long touted that a calm, stress-free, and neat home can make one happier. 

"I believe our home has a direct impact on our health," she says. "We're all familiar with feeling heightened stress from a cluttered space or the frustration of not being able to find-insert what you're looking for. Having a clutter-free and well-arranged home leaves you with more time to do the things you love with the ones you love."

How Kids Benefit

A child decluttering

Even though children seem to leave a trail of mess everywhere they go, many do better in tidy spaces. Like adults, if there is too much stimulation around, it can make them feel restless and anxious. 

"We believe that creating systems in their playrooms, bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, you name it, is incredibly beneficial to their success and happiness, not to mention reducing stress for the rest of the family," says Caitlin. "While we are not experts in child development, we know that kids thrive with routine and structure."

And what better way to prepare for the onslaught of toys and stuff than by organizing now. That way, when January 1 hits, the year will start out calm and collected-at least on the playroom side. 

How to Declutter On Your Own

Woman cleaning home

Caitlin suggests parents start small when embarking on their decluttering journey. NEAT Method's number one tip is to keep the beginning simple so you don't burn out before the real downsizing begins. 

"We mean really small, think one drawer in your dresser or one basket of toys," says Caitlin. "We want you to have success with whichever space you start with, so you feel confident to continue the process." And, she adds, if the whole thing ever becomes too overwhelming, call in the experts and let them handle it. 

If you’re clearing out baby and kid gear, GoodBuy Gear will come directly to your house to pick up your items, clean, photograph and list them on their marketplace for other parents to safely purchase. It’s seriously easy to declutter and earn cash for the gear you’re no longer using. 

Long Term Goals 

Caitlin suggests getting the whole family involved in decluttering the house. "Create a monthly or quarterly schedule to edit spaces with your kids," she recommends. "Make piles to keep, donate, and toss."

"A pro tip to make this process easier is to create bins or baskets for these categories in high traffic spaces like playrooms and closets," says Caitlin. "Some of our go-to labels include 'too small,' 'next size up,' and 'donate.'"

Try It Yourself

We’re partnering with NEAT Method to help parents who are decluttering give their quality-used baby and kid gear a second life with a new family. This partnership works by offering GoodBuy Gear's services to NEAT Method clients, and helping to facilitate the scheduled pickup of items. GoodBuy Gear takes care of the rest, and gently-used baby and kid gear gets a second life and is saved from the landfill. 

Overall, it's a partnership benefitting not just the two companies, but the clients and customers who are looking for gently-used highchairs, toys, bikes, baby gear and more. 

Ready to declutter and earn cash for doing it? Learn more about GoodBuy Gear's selling services.



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