8 Perfect Reasons to Sell Your Baby & Kid Stuff

Experience the joy of decluttering and earn money back on your gear, all in one easy place. Yep, we're talking about selling gently-used baby and kid items. Unlike other second-hand and used-gear platforms, we do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on more important things, while getting paid. 

There's no taking pictures, no haggling over prices or meeting up with sketchy strangers in the parking lot. The only thing you need to do is collect your gently-used baby and kid gear, make sure it's wiped down, and schedule a white glove drop-off or pick up. Find out more about our selling services and how giving your gently used baby stuff  a new home can work for your busy life. 

Save Time 

Woman with her baby selling baby stuff

@raisingmytribe12 gearing up for her GoodBuy Gear pickup. 

It is possible to save time while making money selling baby items. Perhaps in the past you have donated your second-hand baby and kid gear because it feels like there's too much work involved with selling it. You're not wrong, it can be a hassle. From taking nice pictures to writing descriptions to dealing with questions from potential buyers, it can take more time than it’s worth. When you sell with us, you don't have to do any of those things. 

Your time is valuable, so instead of worrying about selling baby and kid items on your own, let us take on the work. We handle all buyer communications, deal with pricing the items, photography, listing the gear and shipping. All you need to do is decide what needs to go and get it together for an easy drop off or porch pick up. 

Pro tip: Many of us have little kids that suddenly want all the toys they shunned for the last year the moment you want to declutter. Make sure to round up gently-used dolls, superheroes and blocks while they are asleep or at school. It's not sneaky, it's efficient. 

Sell Safely 

Man picking up baby gear to sell

GoodBuy Gear employee hauling gear to the GoodBuy Garage. 

There's always some risk when dealing with people on the Internet. Most of the time it's okay, but sometimes it can be a bit sketchy. Luckily, when you sell with us you don't have to schedule meet ups or give your address out to unknown buyers. We handle the sale for you.

In fact, one of the reasons the founders started the company was to give parents a way to buy and sell gently-used baby gear without dealing with complete strangers. It's a safe way to get your goods in the hands of people that need and want it, while only seeing our dedicated staff at the drop off point or during the pick up if you choose to be there. 

Reliable Sales

If you have been burned one too many times by buyers who never show up, who try and give you way less than you ask for, or give you the run-around when trying to organize a pick up, well, you wouldn't be alone. 

We sell second-hand goods that are well cared for, clean, safe and of good quality. The prices are set by current retail prices and an algorithm on the app that shows historically how the gear is sold. Before the listings go live, sellers can always change the suggested price if they wish too. 

On the rare occasion someone doesn't show up or returns an item, the listing goes back on the website. If there's an item that can't be sold, such as stuffed animals, books, baby and kid clothing, shoes and low-cost toys like bouncy balls or a single grasping toy, then we give you the option to have us donate the stuff on your behalf or you can pick it up. The same rule applies to items that have sat in inventory for over 120 days without being sold. 

Yup, the selling process is that easy. Making it so that in the long run you, don't have to worry about a thing.

Make Money

The payout system is simple, the higher the price of the item being sold, such as an UPPAbaby stroller or SNOO Smart Sleeper, the more money you make. We pay 80% of the sale price to you for baby items listed over $249. This can include gear such as the Maxi-Cosi Lila stroller, Bugaboo Lynx stroller or the Dock-a-Tot Dream Weaver Moses basket

The next tier of payment comes from goods listing at $149 to $249, including the Baby Bjorn travel crib, Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper, Joovy Nook high chair, and electric ride-in cars. Sellers get 70% of these sales. Baby and kid gear sold for $49 to $148 earns you 60% of the sale; and $48 to $29 garners 50%. This can include anything from an exersaucer to a hiking backpack to well-made wooden toys

The lower-end items don't earn you as much, but chances are they are selling for more than you would have charged for them online. Bonus, you don't have to do anything to make money off these toys, games and outdoor gear. The rates run as follows: Items sold at $19 to $28 earn you 40% of the sale; $9 to $18 give a payout of 30%; and under $9 is 20% of the listing cost.

You can also choose to have all proceeds be donated to one of our verified charities. If you have any questions on this payout system, please feel free to reach out at connect@goodbuygear.com.

Keep Gear Up-to-Date

Another reason to sell baby stuff when you're done with it, two words, market value. Get the most money for newer items before they depreciate. And if you're expecting a new baby or plan on having more kids, think of it as investing in the latest gear for them. Better to get the latest Mockingbird Single to Double stroller when you need it, rather than dusting off an older version. 

Not only does this mean your child will always have the most up-to-date baby gear, but there won't be a bunch of stuff taking up room in your house. Decluttering your kid's gear based on age allows for more room to breathe, and a chance to get something better for any future children.

Get the Most Value From Your Gear 

woman selling baby and kid stuff

@houseofharper getting ready for her GoodBuy Gear pickup.

Sellers have often been surprised to learn their gently-used baby and kid gear is worth more money than anticipated. The prices we list are based on the current retail price, condition of the item, our own historical data we have collected from selling similar items, and external third-party data. This combination means that a Melissa & Doug food set will get priced right, making you the most money and satisfying our buyers at the same time. 

That said, the seller can pick their price too. Once the gear has been processed, the listings are sent to you to look over if you wish. Take our recommendation, or set a different price, the final choice is yours. 

Declutter the House 

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to selling kid stuff is getting rid of said things. Get in that decluttering mindset and find joy in bundling items to sell. The more you put together, the more the pick up fee will be offset, there is no limit. 

After all, your son or daughter may have loved that dollhouse or Batman playset for over a year, but it's been sitting in the corner gathering dust the last three months. Or how about those endless bins of action figures, plastic animals and dolls. Yes, you can sell these once treasured items and recoup some more value out of them. Then, use that cash to find the next haute toy or game. Bonus, it's been noted that decluttering can be good for your mental health too.

Pro Tip: Sellers get emails when something has sold, just look for the signature "Cha-Ching" in your inbox. Want to see what's left? Go to your account and see the listings. You can lower the price right there on items that don't seem to be moving. 

Help the Environment 

mother with baby gear

@millenialmommyboss decluttering with her little one. 

Shopping second hand is a great way to keep good gear out of the landfill. In fact, when something is reused rather than being bought new, the carbon footprint is reduced up to 82-percent. That's big. So when you decide to declutter and sell your gently-used baby and kid gear, you're not only doing your family and us a favor, but the plant too.

With all these reasons to sell baby stuff and kid gear, what's stopping you? Goodbuy Gear is here, ready to find a new home for your child's toy horse collection, high chair, bouncer seat and forgotten bin of LEGOs. 

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