RockaRoo vs. MamaRoo4: Comparison & Buying Guide

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There are so many baby items out there. So naturally, it can be stressful to choose the best baby gear for your family and budget—especially when you’re forced to choose between two great products like the 4moms MamaRoo vs. the RockaRoo. The two products look almost identical, but there are subtle, yet important, differences. For starters, the MamaRoo4 is technically a baby swing, while the RockaRoo is a baby rocker. 

So how do you know which one is better for your little one? Since price alone doesn’t tell the full story, we asked our baby gear experts to compare the MamaRoo4 vs. the RockaRoo so you can make an informed decision. 

Main Difference Between the MamaRoo and RockaRoo 

 At first glance, you might mistake the RockaRoo and the MamaRoo for the same item, but the two products have varying functionalities. While both are meant to help soothe baby, the main difference between a MamaRoo and a RockaRoo is that the MamaRoo is a baby swing and the RockaRoo is a baby rocker

What exactly does that mean? The MamaRoo swings in five different directions, while the RockaRoo simply swings side to side the way a rocker might. But despite the RockaRoo’s lack of features compared to the MamaRoo, it’s the more budget-friendly option. Let’s dive into each product as well as important features and differences to keep in mind. 

4moms MamaRoo4: Pros and Cons 

GoodBuy Gear's gear expert inspecting the 4moms MamaRoo4

  • Retail Price Range: $299.99
  • GoodBuy Gear Price Range: $56 - $125
  • Avg. Seller Payout: $56
  • Age Range: Approximately 9 months (once baby attempts to climb out) 
  • Weight Limit: Up to 25 pounds

The MamaRoo4 is the more popular of the two products due to its advanced features. The MamaRoo4 is a baby swing that has an overhead mobile and moves in five different directions: car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and wave. There are also five speeds to choose from. What’s more, the seat reclines to four different positions. 

The MamaRoo also functions as a sound machine. It has four sounds: rain, waves, soft music and white noise. You can even use the Bluetooth functionality to play your own music—like lullabies on Spotify (this is one of our favorites). Simply pair the swing to your phone. Once paired, you can even control the movements and speeds, too. 

Parents like this flexibility, because all babies are different and respond to different soothing methods. With this swing, you’ll be better equipped to experiment and see what works best for your own child.

The MamaRoo may look a bit like a spaceship, but it’s purposefully designed this way. The swing has a much smaller footprint than other baby swings, since it doesn’t hang from a big frame—ideal for those who live in smaller spaces, like apartments. 

Overall, the MamaRoo is an incredibly popular baby swing—and rightfully so. It has a lot to offer. But it’s worth noting: This swing is definitely an expense, and not all babies take to it. We recommend buying secondhand to save money. Plus, you can always sell it back to us if your little one ends up not liking it.

Best for: Families who want all the bells and whistles


  • Multiple motions and speeds
  • Functions as a sound machine
  • Machine-washable fabrics


  • Expensive
  • Some parents report difficulty connecting to Bluetooth

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MamaRoo Alternatives: Our GBG Picks

What Our Team Thinks: 

“The MamaRoo4 is a great option for parents looking for a swing-like option that has a small footprint compared to traditional swings on the market. A major plus is the variety of options to choose from including “sway” which is a naturally soothing motion that’s totally unique to MamaRoo. It also comes with white noise and the ability to pair with any MP3 device for a custom playlist just for you. Overall, there are 25 motions to choose from and multiple recline positions, so finding what your baby needs and likes on any given day is limitless!” — Megan Larsen, In-House Gear Expert 

4moms RockaRoo: Pros and Cons 

GoodBuy Gear's gear expert inspecting the 4moms RockaRoo

  • Retail Price Range: $159.99
  • GoodBuy Gear Price Range: $49.99 - $99.99
  • Avg. Seller Payout: $20
  • Age Range: Approximately 7 months (once baby attempts to climb out or can sit up unassisted)
  • Weight Limit: Up to 20 pounds

The RockaRoo looks very similar to the MamaRoo, but is a bit more limited in functionality. As a baby rocker, the RockaRoo only moves in one direction: in a front-to-back rocking motion. This soothes your little one the same way you might when comforting them in your nursery glider or rocking chair. 

Although the RockaRoo only operates in one motion, it does come equipped with five different speeds. But that’s where the functionality ends. The rocker doesn’t have any built-in sound, is not Bluetooth-enabled and doesn’t recline. 

On the plus side, the RockaRoo is a bit smaller than the MamaRoo. It’s also a bit lighter, making it a great option for those looking for a portable, space-saving baby swing. Additionally, it’s about half the price—an important factor if budget is a concern. 

Best for: Price conscious families 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Five speeds
  • Smaller and lighter
  • Machine-washable fabrics


  • Limited movements
  • No sounds
  • Doesn’t recline

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RockaRoo Alternatives: Our GBG Picks

What Our Team Thinks: 

“The 4moms RockaRoo has an even smaller footprint than the MamaRoo4 and has fewer options to choose from as far as motions and music. BUT, the patented design in the automated “rocking” motion is concentrated near baby’s head vs feet, like traditional swings. A lightbulb goes off when you envision your baby in utero ;) The makers of the RockaRoo clearly thought about an infant and the best techniques to soothe your baby. Another plus: the RockaRoo is even less expensive than the MamaRoo and has rave reviews!” — Megan Larsen, In-House Gear Expert 

MamaRoo vs. RockaRoo: Comparison Chart 

 MamaRoo4   RockaRoo 
Retail Price
GoodBuy Gear Price 
$56 - $125
$49.99 - $99.99

Dimensions / Size 

 26.25" x 23.5" x 35.5"

 29.6"L x 16.5"W x 27.5"H

Age/Weight Requirements 


Max of 25lbs (11.3 kg) or when LO attempts to climb out (approx. 9 months)


Max of 20lbs or when LO can sit up unassisted or attempts to climb out (approx. 7 months) 


5 Swing Motions

1 Motion

Product Type 


Bouncer, Swing 







Dot, Solid 




Sound Options


4 built-in sounds 


Aux cord plugin


Bluetooth Compatibility 






Avg. Seller Payout






Other Features


Interactive, removable toys 


Toy mobile with reversible toys 










No more than 30 mins


No more than 30 mins


Price Comparison 

Though the two products look similar, the RockaRoo is significantly less expensive than the MamaRoo. A brand new MamaRoo4 is just shy of $300, while a new RockaRoo runs about $160. Just note: Though more expensive, the MamaRoo provides a better overall value, since the functionality is superior. 

Winner: RockaRoo

Weight Comparison 

The MamaRoo and the RockaRoo are both relatively lightweight baby products, but the RockaRoo weighs less than the MamaRoo. The RockaRoo weighs 11.5 pounds; the MamaRoo weighs 15 pounds. 

Winner: RockaRoo

Size Comparison 

Both the MamaRoo and the RockaRoo are smaller than most traditional baby swings, since they don’t hang from a large frame or support system. But if space is a real concern, the RockaRoo is ultimately a bit smaller than the MamaRoo. The RockaRoo is 3 inches longer than the MamaRoo, but 7 inches slimmer and 8 inches lower. It’s about ⅓ of the size of traditional baby swings. 

While both are suitable for small spaces, the RockaRoo may be a bit better for your family if size and portability are your main focus.

Winner: RockaRoo

Age/Weight Range Comparison 

The RockaRoo and the MamaRoo both have relatively short lifespans. Most children will outgrow these products between 7-9 months, at most. With both products, you'll need to discontinue use once your child can sit up unassisted or attempts to climb out. If longevity is a concern, it’s worth noting that the MamaRoo has a slightly higher weight capacity. As long as baby isn’t attempting to climb out, you can use the MamaRoo until baby is about 25 pounds. The weight capacity of the RockaRoo is just 20 pounds. 

Winner: MamaRoo4

Swing Motions Comparison 

These products both move automatically in an effort to soothe baby, but the MamaRoo offers more choices than the RockaRoo does. The RockaRoo only moves in a front-to-back gliding motion, while the MamaRoo has five different motions to choose from: car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and wave. 

Winner: MamaRoo4

Features Comparison 

If you love the idea of a feature-filled product, the MamaRoo is a better choice. The MamaRoo has five different motions, multiple speed settings, four built-in sounds, four recline positions and is Bluetooth-enabled. The MamaRoo also comes in three fabric colors. On the other hand, the RockaRoo only moves in one direction at five different speeds. The rocker can’t be reclined, doesn’t have any built-in sounds and isn’t Bluetooth-enabled. What’s more, the seat comes in just two fabric colors. 

Winner: MamaRoo4

Bluetooth Comparison 

The MamaRoo connects to your device via Bluetooth, which affords you the option to control the movement, speed and sound from afar. Plus, this also allows you to play your own music through the swing’s speakers. The RockaRoo is not Bluetooth-enabled. 

Winner: MamaRoo4

Safety Comparison 

It’s important to note that both seats are perfectly safe to use—as long as you follow the guidelines outlined in each product’s respective user manual. This means baby should never be left unattended in the swing/rocker, plus should only use the product if they meet age and weight requirements. The AAP also recommends limiting the amount of time baby is in a swing in order to prevent the baby’s soft head from becoming flat. 

It’s also worth noting: Both the MamaRoo and the RockaRoo were recalled in August 2022. Make sure the product you’re using is newer and includes the improved safety strap fastener. At GoodBuy Gear, we never sell recalled products. We sell both the MamaRoo and the RockaRoo with the strap fastener included. 

Winner: Tie

Seller Payout Comparison 

Because the MamaRoo offers a better overall value, it has a higher seller payout than the RockaRoo. The more your product is worth, the higher your payout will be

Winner: MamaRoo4

RockaRoo vs. MamaRoo4: Which Is Better For You? 

Overall, it’s hard to deny that the MamaRoo4 offers a better overall value. While you’ll spend more for the swing, you get a whole lot more. 

Though it does have multiple speeds, the RockaRoo is a basic rocker with a single motion. The MamaRoo is pricier, but has multiple motions and varying speeds, reclines to four different positions and is Bluetooth-enabled. 

Most families will like the flexibility the MamaRoo4 provides—it makes it easier to find just the right thing to soothe your baby. But families on a budget or those who live in very small spaces may gravitate toward the cheaper, smaller RockaRoo. 


What is The Price Difference Between The MamaRoo vs. RockaRoo? 

The price difference between the MamaRoo vs. the RockaRoo is $140. The MamaRoo costs around $299.99, while the RockaRoo costs around $159.99. 

Can You Put a Newborn in the MamaRoo or RockaRoo? 

You can put a newborn in the MamaRoo 4 and the RockaRoo—as long as you follow the guidelines outlined in each product’s respective user manual. Never leave your baby unattended in either swing/rocker. And never let your child sleep in the MamaRoo or the RockaRoo overnight. Both products also have compatible infant inserts that may make your child more comfortable in the seat during the newborn period. 

Both the MamaRoo 4 and the RockaRoo are great baby products that can help soothe your little one. You can’t really go wrong with either one, but if you’re comparing the MamaRoo vs. the RockaRoo in order to choose the perfect product for your family, you’ll note there are inherent differences. Overall, the MamaRoo offers a better overall value, but the RockaRoo is a solid choice for anyone who wants a budget-friendly and space-saving alternative. 



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