Conquering the Clutter: It Doesn’t Have to be Daunting

We talk to a lot of parents; it’s what we do. And a common theme? “We have SO MUCH STUFF that I don’t know where to even begin!” If you feel this way, you aren’t alone. In fact, we’ve done some pretty comprehensive research on the topic and are passionate about helping parents attack the clutter. Frankly, this topic is at the heart of what we want to achieve at Good Buy Gear.

There are so many positive aspects of clearing out used gear and toys. According to WebMD and a variety of other research, clutter is actually unhealthy. But if you already know that and simply feel stalled about how to start, here are a few Good Buy Gear tips. 

  • Start with the big things! That old bike or standing basketball hoop are clearly taking up space that you can win back.
  • Be honest about what you didn’t use. Sometimes it’s frustrating to admit that you spent money on something that didn’t get utilized (whether it’s your own fault or your kids HAD to have it and didn’t play with it). But in the resell world, you win because it’s in perfect condition.
  • Set aside an hour to sort and select things to sell and then reward yourself. You can achieve a lot in one hour (or two if you are on a roll). We all know that rewards work for kids and pets…it works for parents, too! Whether you get to go for a walk, have a glass of wine, or indulge in some chocolate (YUM!), treat yourself by making progress.
  • Never, ever look at your house as a whole. This is considered cruel and unusual self-punishment. Some people attack the whole house at one time. These people have had three pots of coffee and are slightly twisted. Choose one area at a time. The playroom may be your project for a whole month and that’s okay.
Are you feeling motivated yet? Whether you are ready to pounce right now (get started!) or at least feel invigorated enough to carve out a few hours this weekend, we are here to help you conquer the clutter.


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