Bobbie on Why Every Feeding Journey Is Different

We interviewed Kim Chappell, Bobbie’s Head of Marketing and mother of two, on their revolutionary, European-style formula and the stigmas we encounter when it comes to feeding our babies.

Kim Chappell

Bobbie is the first European Style recipe that meets all FDA requirements in the U.S.—they’re sort of a big deal. Similar to Good Buy Gear’s origins, Bobbie is fueled by the experiences of moms and was created to solve a personal pain point that affects so many parents. 

We turned to the experts at Bobbie, who are helping rewrite the guilt-ridden narrative around breastfeeding, to answer common feeding questions. Kim explains that “parenthood is evolving and we believe it’s about time companies caught up,” and we couldn’t agree more. 

Let’s dive in. 

The Feeding Stigmas Are Real

If you’re a current or soon-to-be mom, you know the expectations and pressure associated with breastfeeding your baby. It’s been ingrained in women that breastfeeding is the “right” thing to do since our parent’s parents had babies.

Unfortunately, there’s a glaring gap between the CDC’s recommendation that women should exclusively breastfeed their babies for the first six months of life—and the reality of a mom saying she is losing her supply, she doesn’t have time, or she just doesn’t want to. We should be talking about this disparity. 

“For the working mom, moms who have multiple children, moms whose supply is running out, and SO many other situations, it simply is not realistic to feed/pump 30+ hours a week. There are many hurdles we must overcome if we are to try to meet these standards—which are damaging to many mother’s perception of themselves,” she says.  

Similarly to how we’re striving to help parents find the essential gear their children really need at each stage of development, Bobbie has lost sleep over creating the most nutritious and delicious formula for your little one—so you have one less thing to worry about. 

feeding baby

Breastfeeding & Formula Can Live in Harmony 

As a company founded by moms, we know every baby is different. While you might have had zero problems breastfeeding your first child, it may be impossible to breastfeed the second or third baby for a multitude of reasons. There is no right or wrong way to feed your child. In fact, Bobbie encourages it, “We support breastfeeding and education of breastfeeding through partnering with feeding counselors to advise us as a company,” she explains. 

Let’s face it, there are also more humans in this equation than the baby. “We also know, from our own experiences, that breast isn’t always best—especially when it comes to the wellbeing of the whole family. Formula feeding offers parents support when they need it. It’s important to note that you never need to be all in on one side—combo feeding is a beautiful solution too.” 

The amount of formula you'll need depends on your baby's age and whether your baby is exclusively formula fed or supplementing breast milk. For example, for a 3-month-old baby who is only formula fed, Bobbie recommends 8-10 cans of Bobbie per month. Bobbie has a great chart on their website to help you decide.

Don’t Spare Us the Details

We’re not shy about poo (or other bodily functions—unfortunately). If you haven’t fed your baby formula before, it’s helpful to know what to expect to avoid a meltdown or unnecessary trip to the doctor’s office. 

“When a baby is introduced to formula milk, you can expect to see shades of yellow or brown in their bowel movements. Its consistency won’t appear to be runny like diarrhea, but you will notice it’s pastier like peanut butter,” Kim cautions. 

It’s worth noting that babies who are given formula instead of breast milk will also not have bowel movements as frequently. Their stools can also be expected to be slightly more odorous. 

Let’s Talk About Bobbie’s Formula

Bobbie's recipe is inspired by EU nutritional requirements for infant formula. Like popular EU formulas, Bobbie uses lactose as the only source of carbohydrates, is organic and non-GMO, is easy to digest, and meets EU standards for DHA.

“We've handpicked each ingredient in the mindset that where the ingredient comes from and how it is obtained is just as important as its nutritional value. We use premium organic ingredients—like pasture raised dairy—sourced from reputable suppliers, prioritizing local farms, family run businesses, and small batch operations in the U.S. wherever possible.”

Bobbie exists to bring peace of mind to parenting by shifting the scrutiny of how we feed to what we feed. Simply put, if you choose to feed your little one formula, it should be undeniably good.

feeding baby

Parents Supporting Parents

As a community of parents, it’s critical to support one another and pull back the curtain to show the beautiful, messy and sometimes harsh realities of what it means to raise babies in the modern world. 

For feeding specifically, there is a lack in diversity when it comes to sharing those, sometimes, tough journeys.  “It’s our mission to speak up and make sure the 83% of parents who turn to formula in baby’s first year have a voice and community they can turn to,” Kim says. 


At both Bobbie and Good Buy Gear we’re on a mission to support parents, however they choose to raise their children based on their unique family situation and baby’s needs. We’re here to provide all the feeding gear you may need based on your personal journey, at attainable prices. 

Bobbie is fueled by personal experiences. We are a team of food scientists, 
medical experts and operators, who are also parents striving to do their best 
in a way that works for us,” Kim concludes. 

Whatever your feeding journey looks like, share it with us at #goodbuygear. 


Shop Bobbie’s formula on their website and explore our large assortment of feeding gear to support your very personal feeding journey. 



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