Good Buy Gear Retailer Returns Program

Good Buy Gear is the industry leader in the re-commerce of baby gear - extending the life of secondhand/used items, returned or open-box inventory, items damaged during shipment, overstock/shelf pulls and salvage items.

Good Buy Gear processes returned baby gear to ensure quality, safety and ensures obfuscation from the retailer and/or brand.  


Retailers and brands across the country are leveraging our returns program and making healthy margins on inventory that is typically discarded.  Why? 

  • We can return a higher margin than ANY generic jobber or liquidator
  • We accept ALL baby gear in ANY condition (open box, used, shelf-pulls, etc)
  • We guarantee that returned baby gear is SAFE before it is resold
  • We ensure the connection to the retailer is severed for all resold gear 
  • We take possession of baby gear directly from the consumer or retailer 


Prior to the resale of any goods Good Buy Gear follows a strict de-labing processes, including: 

  • Removing all labels, tags or markings containing retailer's name 
  • Discarding warranty cards or registration materials included with a product

Good Buy Gear ensures any connection to the retailer is severed for all resold gear. 


Good Buy Gear processes all gear to ensure quality and safety in a secure warehouse processing space. Extensive quality assurance process ensures only safe products are resold

Custom technology platform is leveraged to provide a consistent and efficient process to list products:

  • Quality checklists, variations, custom descriptions, awareness of common issues, and pricing for 5,000+ baby/kid item SKUs (and growing)


Legal liability for liquidated products is transferred to Good Buy Gear from retailer or brand. Re-sold gear is backed by the Good Buy Gear “Stress-Free Guarantee”.



On average, Good Buy Gear’s Return Program increases the margin recovered on returns by over 600%. We have proven overall margin improvement for retailers of 1.20% with our Returns Program.  


We plug into the operational systems of the retailer or brand. For example:

  • Good Buy Gear can coordinate timely pickups directly with retailer’s logistics or store management teams 
  • Goods can be consolidated and palletized from the retailer’s distribution centers and shipped to a Good Buy Gear warehouse 
  • Online returns can be sent directly to a Good Buy Gear warehouse address via the return label /RMA process 


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