Returns Recommerce Solution for Retailers and Manufacturers

The Problem: High Cost and Waste Of Returns

Product returns are a supply chain challenge for every manufacturer and retailer, particularly manufacturers and retailers with a strong ecommerce presence. Customer returns and a generous return policy are important for delivering a positive customer experience, but they present significant challenges for manufacturers’ and retailers’ bottom lines. Product returns present challenges to the bottom line because reverse logistics make a retailer or manufacturer's supply chain less efficient and while disposing of returned items in landfills is easiest, it isn’t best from a carbon emissions standpoint in an environment where new customers are increasingly focused on sustainability.

The good news is that GoodBuy Gear is the most trusted solution to this challenge. GoodBuy Gear is the largest sustainability and recommerce partner in the premium Juvenile space among manufacturers, ecommerce retailers, and brick-and-mortar retailers. GoodBuy Gear’s recommerce solution handles manufacturers’ and retailers’ end-to-end returns processes and enhances their sustainability profile by reselling product returns secondhand on our branded ecommerce platform, thereby keeping more returned items out of landfills and in the hands of families.

How The Circular Economy Can Work For You

Retailers and manufacturers work with GoodBuy gear to handle their returns processes from end to end, improving their bottom line by reducing their cost of returns and improving reverse logistics efficiency. Furthermore, manufacturers and retailers we work with benefit from the consumer impact of reducing their carbon emissions by participating in the circular economy rather than sending used gear to landfills.

GoodBuy Gear quality-inspects all returned items, and depending on disposition either recycles or resells the returned items on our own ecommerce platform.

Our team of GoodBuy Gear employees performs custom quality checks for every make and model we resell or recycle- currently more than 30,000 uniquely identified products - to ensure we only resell the highest-quality returned items and protect partner manufacturers’ and retailers’ integrity and premium status. 

GoodBuy Gear’s outstanding customer loyalty and reputation for reselling only the highest-quality secondhand gear enables us to recover maximum value, thereby further reducing your cost of returns and driving positive bottom line impact. At the same time, our solution allows you to reduce your carbon emissions by keeping more returned items and quality secondhand gear out of landfills and with families who can benefit from the gear’s longer useful life.

GoodBuy Gear Keeps Gently Used and Open Box Gear In Circulation Longer

GoodBuy Gear's Recommerce Solution Protects Your Brand

GoodBuy Gear is unique among recommerce and reverse logistics solutions in that we provide full transparency and visibility into returned items inventory and pricing, and enable manufacturers and retailers to track returned items down to the serial number. Our partners know exactly where, when, and for how much their returned items are reselling for on our ecommerce site. This provides valuable insight into pricing in the secondary market as well as product quality.

GoodBuy Gear quality checks every returned item to ensure quality and safety before listing for resale on our secondhand ecommerce marketplace. We leverage a custom technology platform to support quality checks and track data on each individual secondhand item. These quality checks are performed in our own facilities by GoodBuy Gear employees. This allows us to accept both brand new and non-new returns. 

We quality inspect, clean, and photograph your items before resale

Prior to the resale of any returned items, GoodBuy Gear follows a strict de-labeling process, including: 

  • Removing all labels, tags or markings containing the retailer's name 
  • Discarding warranty cards or registration materials included with a product

How GoodBuy Gear's Recommerce Solution Works With Your Existing Supply Chain

We plug into the reverse logistics and supply chain systems of each retailer or manufacturer, and we work with both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retailers. Some ways our current partners work with us as their returns solution:

  • GoodBuy Gear coordinates pickups of palletized returned items directly from your warehouses or retail store locations, ideal for in-store returns
  • Ecommerce returns can be sent directly from consumer to GoodBuy Gear via your existing return label or RMA process

GoodBuy Gear provides the option to scan and track your returned items at the UPC or Serial number level.

GoodBuy Gear Value Added Services

To learn more about GoodBuy Gear's value-add services and fees, contact us.

The Bottom Line:

GoodBuy Gear’s recommerce program is the leader in the circular economy for baby and kid gear. Parents love GoodBuy Gear for providing the highest quality customer experience for shopping secondhand ecommerce and aligning with their sustainability values. Manufacturers and retailers love GoodBuy Gear for reducing their cost of returns, improving reverse logistics efficiency, and reselling gear for maximum value.

As a manufacturer or retailer, you can improve your customer experience, improve your reverse logistics, improve your bottom line, and improve your sustainability profile while attracting new customers. You will have more visibility into your product returns and a more efficient supply chain. And you will reduce your carbon emissions by keeping more gear out of landfills.

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