Pay it 4ward FAQs

What if I don’t have the MamaRoo box? How can I ship it back?
Don’t worry. You can still donate.  We ask that you disassemble the MamaRoo infant seat and carefully pack it in a new cardboard box for shipping.  You can find a video on how to disassemble here. Make sure that all the parts are packed tightly together and don’t move around in the box.

Do I have to pay for shipping?
No. We will send you an email with a pre-paid FedEx label. You will need to provide your own shipping box and materials, and either schedule a pick-up with FedEx or drop it off at a FedEx location.

If my MamaRoo Infant Seat no longer works, can I still donate it?
No. We will only accept units that are gently used and are still in good working condition.

Will you accept any model MamaRoo?
Yes. We accept any gently used MamaRoo that is clean and in working order. Please make sure to include the toy bar and power cord.

Can I donate directly to my NICU?
No. The 4moms Cares Pay It 4ward program asks that you donate your gently used MamaRoo directly to Good Buy Gear. 4moms Cares will be donating brand NEW MamaRoo units to hospitals and NICU families in need.  These units must be new to comply with many hospitals’ safety and health regulations.

Can I select the NICU or family I want my donation to support?
We can’t guarantee a donation to a specific hospital or family, but you are welcome to share your story and submit a donation request through

Will I receive payment for my MamaRoo donation?
No. You will not receive payment for your MamaRoo donation. 4moms Cares will donate a brand new MamaRoo to a NICU or NICU family in need, as a result of your donation (up to 200 units).

Is this donation a tax write-off? Can you provide documentation for tax purposes?
No. 4moms Cares is not a 501(c)(3) and therefore this donation is not tax deductible.

If I want to simply sell my MamaRoo through Good Buy Gear and not participate in the Pay It 4ward program, am I able to?  What do I need to do?
Yes. If you do not wish to donate, you can sell your MamaRoo through Good Buy Gear.  Click here to start the process.  Good Buy Gear (GBG) will provide you a $50 GBG site credit for a gently used MamaRoo4 and a $25 GBG site credit for an older MamaRoo model.


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