7 Stroller Add-Ons That’ll Make Your Life Easier

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From beach days to camping trips under the stars, it’s important to have a stroller that’ll keep you and your kiddos comfortable—no matter the adventure. That means making sure your stroller has all the bells and whistles for an easy ride. To help, our gear experts have compiled their favorite stroller add-ons that’ll help make your life—and your next adventure—a lot easier. 

1. Sunshade 


One of the most important things to keep in mind when taking your little one into the heat is sun protection. Unless using an umbrella stroller, most baby strollers have some sort of canopy to help with this. However, that doesn't mean it's enough. 

For extra protection, we recommend getting a sunshade extension. These will protect your kiddo's entire body from the sun, so you don’t have to worry about sunburns as you enjoy a nice walk outside. There are also certain sunshades you can buy that stretch over the front of the stroller so your little one's body is protected.

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2. Rain Shield 

Manito Elegance Plus Stroller Weather Shield Rain Cover


There's nothing like a fresh spring shower...unless you're caught in it. While we don't mind a little seasonal sprinkling, having your baby and stroller soaked isn't ideal. That's why the rain shield—also known as a stroller rain cover or stroller weather shield—was invented. 

This clear plastic cover drapes over the canopy and covers the majority of your stroller, protecting your little one entirely. The best part: these can fold up into a pouch to be kept in the storage basket below or clipped onto the handlebar. Just make sure the weather shield you get fits your baby stroller—whether a single stroller, a travel system, or something in between. 

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3. Snack Tray 

Austlen Entourage Snack Tray


Feeding a hungry toddler makes everyone's life better. If you find yourself reaching for your bag of Cheerios and then watching your little one spill them everywhere, you may need a snack tray. Snack trays are great for holding your kiddo's snacks while you’re on the go. It will also give them a place to rest food between bites, instead of spilling or cramming it into the seat of the stroller. You can also find a cup holder for your kiddo's water bottle and extra space to clamp on a stroller fan.

The Orbit Snack Tray is one of our favorites because it comes with a lid. That means not only does your little one have access to all their goodies, but they won't spill out if you hit a pothole. This snack tray is compatible with the Orbit Baby G2, G3, and G5 strollers. A lot of other baby strollers have snack tray options too, just make sure to look for samples that can be removed and are easy to wipe clean.

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4. Ride Along Board

UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 PiggyBack Ride Along Board

If your toddler wants to walk with you or they have siblings or friends joining in on the fun, consider getting a ride-along board to make these trips easier. Also called a PiggyBack when buying for the UPPAbaby brand, this handy stroller add-on allows kiddos to stand and hold onto the stroller handlebar as it is being pushed. It's a great alternative to lugging around a double stroller.

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5. Stroller Caddy 

baby jogger universal stroller organizer in black

Add some organization to not only your life, but your baby stroller too with a handy stroller caddy. Stroller caddies are basically stroller organizers, and they are a great place to hold snacks, water bottles, toys, pacifiers, keys, diaper bags and anything else you may need during your outings. They also work as a great phone holder. Many brands make their own, but there are plenty of generic options on the market.

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6. Stroller Hooks 

stroller hook

Who doesn't need more ways to carry things around? A stroller hook will make your life easier—it’s basically a giant detachable carabiner that clips onto the handle of your stroller and allows you to layer on purses, backpacks and travel bags. With one of these, you can take your little one out for a summer shopping trip or frolic around the farmers market knowing all your new goodies can be carted home. Just make sure the shopping bags aren’t heavier than baby, or else the stroller might tip over when you let go.

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7. FootMuffs

Bugaboo Ant Compact Footmuff

If venturing out into winter weather, footmuffs (also referred to as stroller buntings) are a newborn winter must-have. Think of them like a sleeping bag for your stroller. They essentially fit over your little one while in your baby stroller so they stay warm and toasty in colder weather. Some footmuffs fit over infant car seats as well. These are warm, easy to use and washable alternatives to carrying around an extra blanket for your little one.

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However you like to roll, consider including these stroller add-ons above to make your trips easier. From stroller caddies, cup holders and bassinets to snack trays, mosquito nets, sun shades and more, we’ve got everything you need to make the next adventure with your kiddos the best one yet. 


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