GoodBuy Gear & 4moms Launches ‘Pay It 4ward’ Program To Give Back to NICUs and NICU Families

We’re partnering with 4moms to launch the “Pay It 4ward’ program, which invites parents to donate their gently used MamaRoo Infant Seats to support NICUs and NICU families. For the next two-months, 4moms Cares, the charitable arm of 4moms, will give a brand new MamaRoo to a NICU or NICU family in need for every infant seat donated to Good Buy Gear, up to 200 units. 

This Mother’s Day you can “Pay It 4ward” by giving back to families in need in more than one way. When you donate your gently used MamaRoo to us, 4moms Cares will donate a brand new MamaRoo to a hospital in need in your honor. Plus, you’ll be playing your part to help keep quality used products in circulation longer by allowing another family to purchase and enjoy your gently used MamaRoo at a discounted price.

4moms Cares

4moms care at NICU unit

4moms Cares, which began in 2011 and is celebrating its 10th anniversary, is committed to giving hospital staff and families the extra set of arms they need to comfort their NICU babies through MamaRoo Infant Seat donations. The MamaRoo is instrumental in the NICU and can be an effective non-pharmacological intervention for babies experiencing symptoms of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). Today, the MamaRoo Infant Seat is in 600 hospitals across all 50 states.

“Our community has always been very supportive of our 4moms Cares efforts. We regularly receive requests from parents who want to donate their MamaRoo to help others in need,” said Debbie Lee, CMO of 4moms. “With the Pay It 4ward program and our partnership with Good Buy Gear, we are excited to give our community the opportunity to get involved and make a difference.”

MamaRoos Impact of NICUs

MamaRoo's impact on NICU

Doctors and nurses have found the MamaRoo Infant Seat to be a valuable tool for helping to calm and soothe these fragile patients when their families can’t be there. Donations to Good Buy Gear will allow more hospitals to add MamaRoos to their NICUs and will help families graduating from the NICU make the transition home that much easier. 

You Can Also Sell

Woman and baby with MamaRoo

If you do not wish to donate your MamaRoo, parents will also have the option to resell their preloved MamaRoo through us and still allow another family to experience its magic at a lower cost because everyone deserves access to brands and products that kids need to reach their full potential.

For more information on how to Pay It 4ward, visit



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