Dads Rule: A Q&A With Our Founders' Husbands

This Father’s Day, we’re celebrating all the incredible dads that make it possible to do what we do. Our goal at Good Buy Gear is to keep good going around for the next generation, which wouldn't be possible if it weren't for support from all of the father figures in our lives. 

No matter what your family structure looks like—one dad, two dads, or even just mom—we acknowledge that each family is tasked with creating a support system that works for them.  

Today, we want to highlight the two dads, in particular, who support the women leading our company. Because let’s face it, without them, our mission to reduce consumerism and save parents time and money would be nothing more than just a great idea. 

We sat down with our Founders’ husbands, Craig and James, to ask them about fatherhood. 

Here’s what they had to say.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a dad? 

Craig and the kids. 

James: Gosh, there are so many parts. I think it’s the most humbling adventure one can partake in. I’ve traveled a lot and experienced a lot of fun things in my life, really.  But none of it holds a candle to even the most mundane aspects of fatherhood.

Craig: My favorite part about being a dad is the mornings. Everyone is fresh, happy, and full of energy. Kids can literally change overnight and it's fun to see who they are each day.

Q: What surprised you the most about being a parent?

James adventuring

James with the kids on an adventure. 

James:  I didn’t know how much adventure I’d have with my kids (and wife).  How could you prepare for that??

Q: How do you and your wife balance work and family life?

Craig: We re-prioritize family and work constantly. We build and rebuild support systems for our family. We also have amazing grandparents who can swoop in when everything falls apart. It's not a one size fits all solution for us.

Q: How do you and your wife support each other at home and in your careers?  

James cooking

James cooking with the kids.

James: My wife puts up with my decade-long climb in the legal field. I look at it as her turn. But we both enjoy being parents too, so it’s a good dynamic.

Craig: Our life is very similar to other working parents that we meet. We all need to have a strong framework for communication and an even better one for getting it back on track when communication breaks down. Each week we work together to figure out who has what and most importantly who is parenting so that the kids come above any of our business priorities. 

Q: How has the pandemic changed your life?

Craig: From a family perspective we've become a lot closer. The kids are stronger siblings. Kristin and I had over a year of really focusing on us and our careers. Over the last year, Kristin had to make tough decisions, work immensely hard, and raise a Series A so we really buckled down to nurture and grow the startup dream. 

 Q: How do we role model equity?

James: I’ve always had an aversion to antiquated roles.  The elevation of my wife to being a business person is really exciting for me.  I lead by example so our kids can see that there’s nothing strange about pursuing your work dreams regardless of your gender.

Craig: Kristin has always had this guideline that we don't keep score on who does what around the house. I know why <- she would probably lose. Seriously though, we are both capable of doing everything and we both do. Really the only holdout is the lawn, Kristin tells me she can do it but I've never seen it. 

 I am consistently encouraged by all of the Dad's I see at the playgrounds on Saturday mornings and all of the Mom's I see mountain biking by themselves. I think this means that we are moving closer to equitable parenting and time to ourselves.

Q: Any fun Father’s Day plans?

craig with kids

Craig and the kids hanging. 

James: OMG, great question. I’m a true golf fanatic. My family always finds a way to get me to a golf course, and get a cold IPA in my hand.  We usually will have some lunch together and just enjoy hanging out.  

Craig: I am lucky in that my dad comes to Colorado nearly every Father's Day. So we are thinking of taking him for a boat ride on Lake Dillon and then for myself I am planning to trail run from Breck to Frisco that morning. Happy Father's Day to all of those wonderful Dads out there.  


Know a kickass dad you’d like to praise this Father’s Day? Share with us on Instagram @goodbuygear!



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