Creative Options for Sensory Play

Engaging in learning and development activities with your little one is a great way to support their development. Water tables are great, especially when you can score a deal on a gently used one. We are having a hard time keeping ours in stock but as moms ourselves we have figured out other options for promoting sensory exploration in the backyard this summer. 

Baby bath tubs are basically plastic bins with some fancy curves. This cheap sensory bin has a ton of potential when it comes to giving your little ones an opportunity to satisfy that urge to get messy (and stay cool). Here's a few fan favorites that we have tested out this summer:

  • Dish soap, water, rags, get the idea. Fill a tub with bubbly water and let your kiddos wash cups, toy cars, rocks, their feet, and so on. The options are endless.
  • Test out different materials from your yard to discover what floats and what sinks. Think rocks, leaves, grass blades, balls, etc.
  • Measuring cups, or any cups really, provide an opportunity to fill, pour, refill, pour and repeat, over and over again. For some reason kids are fascinated with this seemingly monotonous activity.
  • Ice, ice baby. Whether you dump the stock you have in the freezer, or plan ahead and make colored ice cubes, or large blocks made from tupperware, or anything else you can dream up, ice and water is always a big hit.

Keep your sanity as the weather starts to warm up with these inexpensive and practical sensory play options.



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