Trending Baby and Kid Gear With High Resale Value

When shopping for baby and kid gear, parents are shifting their focus from what products will do for their little one in the short term, and also considering the future of that item too. Sourcing quality, safe and reliable gear is the top consideration, but there are products that retain their value and can be resold to recoup money spent, and many of these products are in high demand

Considering the resale value of that crib, stroller, lounger and other items can make buying something high end more palatable. That $800 stroller system you love? If it's by UPPAbaby chances are it can be sold gently used for $400, and you get three to five years of solid adventuring from it. 

Plus, if you buy items gently used or open box to begin with, you're saving even more. And, you wouldn't be alone. According to OfferUp Recommerce Report, 57-percent of parents prefer to recycle and reuse products they’re no longer using rather than throw them away. The same source reports that 83-percent of parents have used at least one secondhand product for their kids, and 61-percent of parents would welcome a secondhand gift for their child.

GoodBuy Gear sells over 1,200 brands and monitors baby and kid gear trends. One of their gear experts, Kristin, weighs in on a few of the top items with the high resale value right now. 

Sleep Loungers

The Dockatot or Snuggle Me sleep loungers are the two top items Kristin recommends. "These are usually only used for eight to nine months," she says. "They tend to get low wear and tear and you can find them for half the price second hand, plus they are all easy to throw into the washer or buy a new cover for."

A Dockatot Deluxe + Dock retails between $273 and $175. Open box on the GoodBuy Gear website it sells for around $142, and gently used at $120. With these current numbers, customers who buy used and resell may end up paying less than $50 in the end for one of the best baby loungers on the market. The Snuggle Me Organic Sensory Lounger proves much the same, though the initial retail cost is less at $99. 


Two kids in a wagon

"Wonderfold or Veer are expensive items that generally sell for a good value after use," suggests Kristin. These are also in-demand items, meaning once they hit the website they usually sell out right away if they aren't already on our product waiting list, which the Veer wagon is. At $649.99 brand new, it's no surprise parents are sourcing this item gently used and open box, which can save 30- to 60-percent off the original cost. 

For the Wonderfold, the retail cost starts at $899 to $389 depending on the year and model. This wagon also sells out fast and there are customers waiting for the next gently-used or open-box one to pop up on the website. Because it's a hot piece of kid gear, it resales between $720 and $250. 

Learning Towers

Kids playing on a leaning tower

One of the best things about learning towers is they are durable, easy to clean and always can be resold. "Wooden learning towers tend to be a great resale item and hold their value if in good condition," adds Kristin. 

There are a lot of brands making solid learning towers too, including Little Partners, Guidecraft, Sprout Kids and Simplay3, which makes one of the few plastic versions out there. These items can range from $89 to $200, all depending on what brand it is and what material it's made out of. In general, the gently-used learning towers GoodBuy Gear lists run 40- to 60-percent off the retail cost, which means you get a good chunk of money back when you resell one and your kid gets a front row seat to the kitchen counter until they are big enough to reach it themselves. 

Bouncer Chairs 

While some baby bouncers aren't worth much, brands such as 4moms or Baby Bjorn can have a high resale value. "These items tend to not have a lot of wear and tear and can be resold at a high price," says Kristin. 

Take the Baby Bjorn bouncer as example. It's been a hot ticket item since it came out in 1961. It hasn't changed much since, and the simple, sleek design fits in just about any space. Even if you buy it new at $200, it's easy to resell it for at least half of that. 


Most strollers can be resold, even if they aren't in perfect condition or expensive to begin with. But investing in an UPPAbaby stroller, any of them, or Bugaboo stroller will guarantee it sells fast and for the most money. 

With UPPAbaby, the Vista stroller system is the most popular, and at around $969.99 for the latest model, the most expensive. But even if you don't purchase the newest system, older models sell well too, especially when gently-used.

When it comes to Bugaboo strollers, the Donkey 3 is the most expensive, newest and trendiest model of them all, and caps at $1,400 brand new. Imagine getting it gently-used for $729.99, and then reselling it five years later for around $500. Not only does your kid ride in style and safety, but in the end you don't spend the premium price. 


Do you have this piece of gear gathering dust in your basement? Or are you ready to part ways with said hot item in order to upgrade the nursery for the next stage of your baby's life. No matter the reason or what you have, we are here to help you shop smart and get the best value for your money. You can safely and sustainably circulate the children's gear you love with GoodBuy Gear



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