How To Find Clearance and Secondhand Toys Online

The best toys for kids are always changing. What was popular last month may not be so cool this month, as one might observe by your child's overflowing toy bin of must-have items. Here’s how to keep up to date with what's going on in the world of kids' toys and find great clearance toys online. 

We sell clearance toys online, so you can get good toys for kids, for the least amount of money. Plus, when you shop second hand or open box you help save perfectly functional gear from filling up landfills. In fact, if parents resold those items instead of throwing them away, they’d eliminate enough waste to fill 17.3 million trash bags, according to OfferUp

Hot Toys You Need Right Now 

Okay, need is subjective, but if you have ever met a pushy child, it may seem like a life or death situation. The good news is you can find “hot” toys, that are also on clearance by shopping second hand. 

One of the top toys on the market is still Magic Mixies, which sold out at toy stores all across the country during the holiday season. The whole idea behind this item is to use "magic" to bring your cute critter to life. Another adorable and fuzzy toy is Little Live Pets, a series of creatures that move and react to and with you. There's a dog who needs a haircut, a flamingo that "pees,” and a fish tank with moving rainbow fish, plus so much more.

The adorable cartoon Bluey has a new line of playthings, and they are one of the best toys for kids right now. We're talking stuffies, play houses, pretend grill sets, a camper and more, all which make good toys for kids.

On the action hero side of playthings, Goo Jit Zu is a hot ticket item, and more designs have recently been released. These creatures are kind of like the classic Stretch Armstrong of the 1970s, but in bright colors with "bones'' inside that you can move around. Bonus, this toy is often part of our clearance toys online section, so instead of paying $8-$16 each, you can get them for around $1 a piece. 

Also on the list of best toys for kids are Akedo, a series of fighting ninjas, zombies, snakes, bears and more that resemble Rock'em Sock'em Robots, a hot toy from the 1960s. Or, head to the world of moving balloon critters with Squeakee, which makes dinos and dogs that look like classic balloon animals but  walk, make sounds and interact with kids, all without popping. 

On the doll side, there are so many new Kindi Dolls, a series of big-eyed, bright haired babies and little girls to pretend with. Glitter Girls Dolls by Battat have also been a popular item, and look more like a classic doll than an exaggerated version of a person. A new fairy doll on the circuit is Dream Seekers, which are stuffed but have hair to comb and soft wings.

Timeless Toys

family playing with wooden toys

Some toys have lasted decades and have been, and always will be, a hot ticket item. For example, LEGO has been making bricks since 1932, and the popularity of this toy has only grown. They aren’t cheap either, which makes scoring clearance toys online a boon, as well as getting a gently-used or open-box set. 

Wooden toys are another timeless toy, and investing in solid items that can last through multiple children is a good idea when it comes to this type of play thing. In fact, some wooden toys can be resold gently used for around 50 to 60 percent of the original cost. Hot brands include Lovevery, Melissa and Doug, Hape and Plan Toys. Find wooden baby and kid gear such as stacking rings, activity cubes, cars, rocking horses, dollhouses, puzzles and more. 

Sports equipment also has a long shelf life, though often this gear is treated rougher than inside toys. Another item that always seems to have a place in the playroom, cars, especially Hot Wheels. The nice thing about this old school company, there are so many out there that your kid will never have to play with a double (but if you have two kids they can have matching cars if need be). Plus, they are often sold in bulk gently used.

Speaking of classic companies, Barbie has been around since 1959 and the fashion doll still has a lot of fans. Lucky for kids today, the dolls don't cost nearly as much as they used to, and when shopping gently used, anyone can have a Barbie Dream House and convertible. 

Best Way To Shop For Good Toys for Kids

Sometimes it can be hard to find the hippest toys on the market, which is where online shopping comes in. But, before you pull the trigger on your child’s must-have item that’s twice as much as it should be, look around. Sometimes there are open-box or gently-used options out there, and at GoodBuy Gear we see a lot of toys come in. Also, if a toy is sold out, try and find out when it will come on the market again. There will always be something your kid “really, really” wants, so don’t get in the habit of overspending. 

Another great way to find the best toys for kids is to follow the manufacturer or item on social media. A lot of times the release dates will be published on these platforms, so you can be sure to get it right away. Also, make friends with your local toy shop and see if they will let you know when that desired item has hit the shelves. 

Clean Out the Toy Box 

Before you go shopping, be sure to clear out the playroom and make space. No matter how hot the item is, if little ones don’t have anywhere to play with it, or are overwhelmed by stuff, it will just end up ignored.

While going through toys, check that the item isn’t broken, is safe, the battery area isn’t corroded, and it’s clean enough for someone to play with. Then, donate unwanted kid gear, hand off to friends, or sell it through GoodBuy Gear and make some money back so you can buy next season’s hottest toy. Not that those favorite items can’t be kept, just like fashion, some of those classic items will comeback in style before you know it.

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