Baby Safety Month


Good Buy Gear is a full service marketplace for buying and selling open box and secondhand baby and kid gear. Buyers enjoy the convenience of front porch delivery and all purchases are backed by our Stress-Free Guarantee. It's the only SAFE and HASSLE-FREE approach to buying and selling secondhand baby and kid gear.

With safety being a top priority at Good Buy Gear, all of our products undergo a quality assurance check by an expert Wingmom. If she wouldn't buy it for her own child, we won't list it!

September is Baby Safety Month and we are honored to be designated as a Safety Month Ambassador. 

What does that mean?

In addition to providing our usual safety checks, we have partnered with industry experts in baby safety to provide you with useful content throughout the month.

What will we be doing?

Throughout the month of September we’ll be sharing expert tips, hosting gear giveaways, and offering exclusive discounts → all focused on your baby’s safety.


Grandparents' day virtual event - Saturday September 5th

Do today’s safety recommendations bewilder the grandparents in your life?

Having loving and engaged grandparents is amazing but what happens when grandparents and parents don’t agree on what’s best for baby? Join mom of two, Megan, and her mom as they discuss the topic of caregiver safety.

Meet Staci, certified Child Safety Specialist - 

Staci is a Certified Child Safety Specialist who owns and operates a professional childproofing company, Baby Safe Homes Denver.  Each year she provides safety consultations and helps secure the safety of hundreds of children by making their home and environment safe.

Additionally, she is a National Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and Colorado Car Seat Ambassador who has spent endless hours navigating the mysterious ways of proper and safe car seat installation and continuing to be educated on safest practices of traveling with your child.

Lastly, Staci shares her passion through education at, as a safety consultant for media and education companies, trainer and educator, providing Safe Sitter training, and also with new parents at groups and parent education programs for some of the top “baby hospitals” in the country each week.

More to come

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