Good Buy Gear is changing the way clutter is monetized - starting with busy parents and used baby/kid gear.  If you value saving time for the more important things in life, are passionate about helping other families extend their budgets and minimizing 'stuff' in the landfill, you may have just found your calling.


Good Buy Gear Wingmom

What You'll Do:

- Take photos of products from White Glove pickups in the Good Buy Garage (our warehouse at 6076 W. 55th Ave. Arvada, 80002)

- Upload product listings using the Good Buy Gear Mobile App and select appropriate product descriptions.

- Come to the Good Buy Garage 4-8 hours a week and dedicate up to 12-hours on work from home assignments (based on availability).

- Provide a consistent number of hours each week.  The hours can be flexible but we need reliable and consistent support to ensure we can keep up with the steady stream of items coming into the warehouse.

- Be moderately iPhone savvy (and have an iPhone or iPad at your disposal).

- General knowledge of baby/kid gear.

- Ask questions and offer feedback on how we can better serve our customers and improve our business.

- Feel proud of being involved in an amazing start-up company!



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