Good Buy Gear x buybuy BABY trade-up evnet with  Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation

Why donate to the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation

When you give to Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation, you are helping to advance patient care, education, research and advocacy at Children's Hospital Colorado, one of the top children's hospitals in the nation.

How does the Pop-up Event work?

  • Drop-off the baby & kid gear items that you no longer need at the Aurora Store (6492 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80016)
  • Get up to 80% payout in store credit for items as they sell 
  • Get a 20% off coupon code to shop immediately in store at buybuy BABY and 20% off coupon to shop online at Good Buy Gear
  • Sit back and we'll take care of all the rest, including quality checks, taking photos, writing descriptions, recommending prices and shipping/delivering items to a buyer

What buybuy BABY store is hosting this event?

    What kind of gear can I sell?

    Good Buy Gear what we accept - including car seats for buybuy BABY trade-up event

    For detailed list please check out the FAQs.

    Do you accept car seats?

    Yes! For this event only, we will accept non-expired, accident free car seats! We will donate them directly to our amazing non-profit partner: WeeCycle.

    How do I get paid? 

    You can select from the following payout options:

    • Donate to Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation
    • buybuy BABY gift card
    • Good Buy Gear gift card
    • Check or Paypal

    What happens to items that cannot be resold? 

    You will receive an approval email with a link to all your items including any that cannot be resold. You are welcome to pick up these items within 5 days, or they will be donated to one of Good Buy Gear’s non-profit partners. 

    How much do I get paid?

    The sliding scale payout lets you keep more of your earnings when you sell a higher-priced item and allows for items under $15 to be resold. Here’s how the sliding scale commission works:

    • > $249 you keep 80% 
    • $99 - $248 you keep 70% 
    • $15 - $98 you keep 60% 
    • < $15 you keep 20% 

    What strollers are right for my family?

    Which size interests you?

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    How will you mostly be using this stroller?

    Everyday standard use
    Travel or on lots of public transit

    Do you have a specific budget in mind?

    Less than $100
    $100 - $250
    Greater than $250
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    Select any features that are very important to you

    Height adjustable handlebar
    Converts from a single to a double
    Suitable from birth
    Reversible parent-facing seat
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