School Fundraising Resources

Welcome to the Good Buy Gear Resource Center: your library of assets for families who want to share the fundraising program with their school or PTA board and for school representatives to promote the program to families!

If your school is already signed up you can head over to the sign-up form and just select your school from the drop-down. 

How to Get Started:

  • Download Overview presentation 
  • Send sample email/note to send to your PTA / school official:
    • My name is xxx,  my child is a xxx at <insert school name>. I came across this great company called Good Buy Gear.  It is a mom owned company helping parents declutter all of their gently used baby and kid gear.  They are partnering with other schools to offer a super easy fundraising program and I thought <insert school name> would be perfect for that! Basically, parents sign up with Good Buy Gear to come and pick up their unused baby/kid gear items and Good Buy Gear lists and sells the items on their site and the proceeds are given back to the school. This is a great service to offer to all of the busy parents at <school name> and a simple way to fundraise for your school. I would love to chat more about the new program with you.  Feel free to check out their site in the meantime:
    • I'm involved with/work for a local company called Good Buy Gear and they/we have recently launched a fundraising program for local schools and would love to get your input on this new program.  I can send over some more details on how it all works but basically it allows sellers to donate their proceeds to their school and Good Buy Gear covers 50% of the service fee for the pickup and posting of items. E.g. "Jane" would sign up for our full-service selling and once her item(s) sell, we would mail the check/payout directly to <insert school>.  They/We are seeing some great results with our current non-profit partners. I'm sure you have a pretty full fundraising calendar already but would love the chance to pick your brain on the program and gauge interest from <insert school>. Do you have time to chat tomorrow or early next week?   My afternoons are pretty open!  
    How to Execute:

    These assets are sample template materials that we will customize with your school's logo and tagline:

    • Social Media posts - e.g. Facebook 
      • Blurb: Do you have some gently-used baby and kid gear taking up space in your house? Sign up for a Full-Service Pickup and Good Buy Gear will come pick up all your items, sell them, and all proceeds will be donated to <insert school>. Now through <insert date of program>, Good Buy Gear will donate 50% of the pickup fee (** no upfront payment for a pickup is required).  
    • Newsletter
      • Logo:  
      • Blurb:  Declutter and raise money for <insert school>. Good Buy Gear offers a full-service selling option for families ready to clear out the baby and kid gear you are no longer using. Simply sign up for a White Glove Pickup and select <insert school> as the lucky recipient of the proceeds of your sales.
        • How does it work?
          • Go to 
          • From the "Ways to Give" dropdown, select "School Fundraiser"
          • Enter your preferred day and time of pickup and select <insert school> from the school dropdown
        • Good Buy Gear will take care of the rest --> picking up your items, taking pictures, generating listings and storing everything until it sells.  And now through <insert date of program> Good Buy Gear will donate 50% of the service fee (**no upfront payment for a pickup is required). Sellers will receive real-time notifications when something sells and <insert school> will receive cash payouts in the form a check.
        • Families easily declutter and <insert school> raises money to support their awesome staff and programs -- it's a win-win for all!
    • Sample Handouts:
      • Postcards:
      • Full-page:
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