Our Amazing Team

Meet the people that make everything we do possible.

Kristin Langenfeld

CEO & Co-Founder

Kristin is an electrical engineer with 15+ years of first-hand experience leading, building and launching worldwide products in mobile and tech start-ups. Kristin and her husband Craig enjoy raising their two little ones, spending time hiking, skiing and mountain biking and getting back to her homestead in the 1000 Islands in Kingston, Ontario in Canada.

Jessica Crothers

COO & Co-Founder

Jessica is a former advisor to the federal government on Head Start, an award winning collegiate athlete and way-back-in-the-day preschool teacher. Jessica can be found skiing the bumps with husband James, teaching her two young children the love of her favorite sport and toasting with a few gluten-free microbrews.

Doug Moss

General Manager, Dallas

Aude de Taisne

Growth Marketing Manager

Nicolas Piquet-Gauthier

Demand Generation Marketing

Cody Russell

Warehouse & Rollout Manager

Kihra Hekkers

QA & Products Analyst

Amanda Brown

Customer Success Manager

Bridget Clara

Lead Product Lister

Kristin Hood

Partnerships and Influencer Marketing

Esther Gault

Graphic Designer

Alena Courtney

Head of Brand Marketing

Maddy McLean

Social & Brand Communications Manager

Mikaela Rich

Customer Care & Office Manager

Stephanie Mojonnet

Marketing Affiliate Associate

Daniel Wattick

Flex Fulfillment Specialist

Cassandra Perez

Email Marketing Specialist

Katie McCoy

Customer Care and Office Manager

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