Why Buy Used?

Buying used gear is a growing trend that is quickly becoming hip. And, unlike some trends, it makes a heck of a lot of sense! Today, 1 in 5 Americans are on the hunt for a good deal on something that is not brand spankin' new. It’s even more common throughout the rest of the world, where 80% of people have already caught on to this savvy life hack. Here at the Good Buy Garage we meet second-time parents all the time who wonder why they didn’t buy used the first time around. Lately, more first-time parents have been catching on and buying used from the get-go (and I envy those people). Why did I not do that!? So, why buy your kid’s gear used? I’m glad you asked!  

It Saves Money (A Lot Of Money):

This may be one of the more obvious reasons to buy used. Let's say you are expecting a new baby and you need to equip your nursery with some basic items. So you buy a crib, bedding, glider chair, swing, bouncer seat, baby carrier, baby monitor, and a diaper bag. You’re still going to need some more things, but that’s a good start. Here are some average prices for some popular versions of these items on Amazon.

  • Million Dollar Baby Crib: $299.00
  • TILLYOU Crib Sheet Set: $41.99
  • StorkCraft Hoop Glider Chair: $161.70
  • Fisher Price SnuggaBunny Swing: $119.00
  • Fisher Price SnuggaPuppy Deluxe Bouncer: $37.99
  • BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original: $79.99
  • Anglecare Movement and Sound Monitor $99.99
  • Ju-Ju-Be BFF Diaper Bag: $179.99

TOTAL: $1,063.14

Ok, now let’s walk through your smart decision to shop at Good Buy Gear for all those items instead (and have them delivered to your door, mind you). Here’s your new receipt*:

TOTAL: $323.93

*These prices are based off of average Good Buy Gear sale prices and current listings.

That’s a savings of $739.21 for the same items!! That’s enough to also buy a nearly new UPPAbaby VISTA stroller (one of the hottest luxury strollers on the market right now) from Good Buy Gear, and also go out for dinner to celebrate! Buying used allows you to live large! 

If you think these used items will be dirty or broken or just less awesome than the new version, think again! Most baby items are used for such a short amount of time that they are still in excellent condition, and, if not, we will always let you know. In the end, you won’t notice a difference in the products, just your pocketbook.

It’s Better For the Earth:

This is a very important reason to buy used, even if money isn’t a driving force. The environmental impact of buying used is huge! The baby and toy industry is absolutely massive and many of the items produced are made of plastic or mixed materials that are not repairable and not recyclable. As soon as these items break (often, all too soon), they are destined for the landfill. In addition, most of these items come with exuberant amounts of packaging that is tossed immediately. And the amount of natural resources needed to produce these items and pollution created from their production is through the roof. It is very ironic that we are buying all of these items for our child’s joy and comfort and yet we are actually harming the environment that they will depend on for the rest of their lives. There are some baby and toy companies that are doing their part to create sustainable and recyclable products but we still have a long way to go on that front. And at the end of the day nothing is more sustainable than buying used! When buying used you can provide your children with joy and comfort today and do your part to protect their future, too.

It Saves You From Frustration:

Nearly every parent has bought an item (or many!) for their baby or child that was not nearly as big of a hit as they suspected it would be. Think about the crib that your baby never slept in or the swing that made your baby scream, or the toy that your child played with for a few minutes and never looked at again. These situations can be frustrating and very costly. And if you are buying everything new, the environmental costs are guilt-inducing, and what parent needs MORE guilt!? Buying used allows you to try out a lot of different products until you find the right one and you’ll do it without spending an arm and a leg. With zero guilt. Eventually you will find the sleeper that your little one actually sleeps in or the toy that your child plays with every day! Any items that don’t work out can easily be resold to a new family who might just get a lot of use out of them. Every child is different after all.

It Supports Families and Creates a Village

Raising children takes a village. When you buy used, your money is going to the other families in your village rather than big box corporations. Let’s create a village of reuse and sustainability that will support each other now and protect the future for our babies too.  



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