Eliminate Single-Use Plastic in Your School Lunch with Khala Cloths

The average family uses 400 plastic bags a year to store anything from sandwiches to cut carrots. Even with washing and reusing those bags, they will eventually end up in the landfill where they will never completely biodegrade. But with Khala Cloths natural wax cloth wraps for zero waste food storage, families can replace all those plastic bags - as well as any need for plastic wrap - with a washable, reusable, AND a home-compostable alternative: Khala Cloths.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Khala Cloths are made of organic hemp-cotton fabric infused with a custom wax blend made up of sustainably-sourced ingredients. Families can choose from beeswax-based wraps adorned with Khala Cloths’ colourful logo of bees pollinating the planet  or 100% plant-based wax wraps known for their vivid red and yellow sunflower print  All prints are uniquely designed by Khala Cloths, and proceeds of each go towards the company’s charitable giving program with 1% for the Planet, of which Khala Cloths is a member. Khala Cloths is also a member of Green America to certify their sustainability, as well as the Plastic Pollution Coalition and the Climate Collaborative to amplify their commitment to environmental awareness and action.

To use, Khala Cloths can be made into a bag, wrapped around containers, or folded around a sandwich using a wrap specifically designed for the task (here is an example of the sandwich wrap). Once they come home from a day at school, they can be hand washed in cool water and environmentally-friendly soap. Hang dry overnight, and they are ready for re-use in the morning. Khala Cloths will last the school year - or longer into summer camps and travel. Once they are done, just cut them up into strips and either put in the home compost bin or re-purpose as twisty-ties. It is that simple to replace single-use plastic bags and wraps in school lunches!

Khala Cloths ($12-23) are available online at: http://www.khalacloths.com/wax-wraps/

Special thanks to our guest blogger and fellow entrepreneur, Tamar McKee, for providing us with this great article! 



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