Simple Autumn Crafts To Make With Kids

As the weather turns cooler it's time to think about indoor fun, and that's where autumn crafts for kids come in. Think collage, jewelry, sun catchers, holiday decorations and more. Just about anything can be turned into art, all it takes is a little imagination, a pile of crayons, a lot of glue and some patience when working with younger children. 

DIY Autumn Craft Ideas For Early Years 

Doing art projects with little kids is fun, but it takes work. Most kids don't have the attention to sit and do a long project, or the dexterity to do difficult and detailed things. When working with toddlers and preschoolers, keep it simple, colorful and creative. Expect a mess and prepare for it with drop clothes, newspaper lining and smocks (an old T-shirt is great for this). Remember half the fun is in the process, it doesn't matter if the project is a keeper in the end.

Leaf Art

Go on a walk and collect colorful leaves for the ultimate leaf art extravaganza. These can be glued onto paper to create a fall scene, glued onto a wreath-shaped piece of cardboard to make a hanging decoration, or used along with sticks and acorns to create sculptures of autumn people. Another autumn craft with leaves utilizes washable paint. Take a small piece of tape and let your kid stick the leaves on a piece of paper, keeping them from overlapping. Then hand over a large, soft brush and have them paint over the leaves. The idea is that when it dries the color will be everywhere but in the shape of the leaf. 

Use Your Hands

Little hands are one of the best tools when making simple autumn crafts. With their fingers splayed, trace your child's hand on fall-colored construction paper. Fill the whole sheet, and then stack a couple colors under it and cut out the cute fingers. Use these handprints to make wreaths, which can be done by glueing together in a circle. Handprints are also good for making little turkeys to use on Thanksgiving, all you need are some googly eyes, red scraps of paper for waddles and yellow triangles for beaks. Let the kids decorate the "feathers'' with markers or crayons.

Break Out the Paint

Painting is so much fun, just make sure you're using washable ones. Simple autumn crafts to make with paint mainly revolve around trees. Take a piece of paper and either paint a trunk, let your kid make their own trunk, or cut one out of brown construction paper and glue it on the main sheet. Make sure there's plenty of room at the top, that's where the fun comes in. Cut chunks of potato into shapes and slice little apples in half so the budding artists can dip these hand-made stamps into the red, yellow and orange paint to create their own fall tree. 

Autumn Craft Ideas For Grade Schoolers

Grade schoolers doing DIY autumn crafts

Once your children get older they can start working on more detailed projects and use better tools. Yes, you should still try and get as many washable materials on the art table as possible, but also mix in colored pencils, pastels, sharper scissors, a hot glue gun and other supplies. At this stage kids can independently create simple autumn crafts, all you need to do is be nearby to help here and there. 

Monster Madness

Break out the construction paper, googly eyes, scissors and glue, ask Alexa to play Monster Mash and let the creations come to life. We're talking cute Frankenstein, goblins, their favorite Minecraft mob, a made-up creature and anything that possibly comes to the imagination. This project can have a Halloween theme to it, or just be fun for those ghouls and boys who like creepy crawlies. 

Utilize Nature 

A walk around the park yields a lot of natural art tools perfect for autumn crafting. Sticks can be gathered and used to build mini log cabins, with rocks and chunks of wood for the furniture. Dried leaves make great fodder for all sorts of projects too. Try a rubbing, where your kid can take a piece of paper and gently rub a crayon over the ribs of a leaf to get a colorful copy. Have them find small, colorful leaves and fall flowers and press them between two pieces of contact paper to make a bookmark. Or cut the contact paper into fun shapes and add bright tissue squares inside and a border around the edge to create a sun catcher

Acorns are another item found in the fall, and they can be so fun to collect. Try and get ones with the caps so you can create the cutest autumn necklaces. Once found, clean them up and remove the caps. Paint the acorn any color and add faces with a fine-point permanent marker. Thread twine or string through the cap with a blunt needle. Then take hot glue and attach the caps back on for a super cute accessory. If your kid doesn’t want to do a necklace, use the cute acorns in that stick hut or just as friendly fall buddies.

Useful Autumn Crafts For Kids 

Just because it's art doesn't mean it can’t dazzle the dinner table or work as a place setting during the holidays. Toilet paper tubes can be cut into one-inch rings and then painted, decorated, covered in Mod Podge, and used as napkin rings. Your kids can make name plates for each person coming to Thanksgiving dinner by using stiff paper or cardboard, folding it in half to stand up, and then having them jazz it up. Another simple autumn craft to make that's useful are planters, which can be created out of recycled cans. The kids just need to clean them, then hammer a couple small holes in the bottom, paint or collage over the outside, and then add the dirt and indoor plants.

Autumn Crafts For All Ages

Some things are timeless, and no matter how old your kids are they will enjoy these simple autumn crafts, starting with play-dough. That's right, all children love this stuff, even when parents find it cumbersome to clean up. In this case, get your little ones to make their own with a pumpkin tinge and use fall colors such as yellow, orange, brown and red. Follow this easy recipe, and then let your kids have hours of fun creating their own fall sculptures. 

Add some light to the crafting too with a fall candle holder used to hold an electric light. No matter the kids’ age, all they need is a glass jar, Mod Podge and red, orange and yellow tissue paper squares. A cut out tree is optional. To make this, cover the jar in Mod Podge, then have them stick the papers on however they wish. Once covered, add another layer of Mod Podge and let dry. Then put in the electric tea light and watch the magic. 

After making these projects, ship some off to family and friends. Use others to decorate the house and make the atmosphere festive. However your fall looks, by doing a little art it just got even more colorful and you created a family bond through creativity. 



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