New vs Used: Our Top 5 Used Baby Items

When you have kids the amount of stuff you need piles up quickly—along with the expenses. It's all gear you really need (or at least think you need) and most of it is only used for a short period of time. Shopping secondhand can help you get everything you need, for less.

The tough part? Buying secondhand can feel daunting if you haven't done it before. How do you know which items to buy new vs used, or if the gear you're purchasing is clean and safe? When you buy secondhand baby and kid stuff through Good Buy Gear, you can rest assured every item is thoroughly inspected and cleaned based on our cleaning and quality guidelines. This means no toy, infant gear, stroller, crib or carrier is accepted for sale if it's not in good to great condition. So you can shop confidently knowing your baby is getting the best (just for less). 

We get it though. Some things, like a toothbrush or old running shorts, you just don't want to buy used. That's why we asked our resident Wingmom, Kristin, for her top five baby items you should consider buying used in order to get the most bang for your buck.

buy used baby stuff

1. Used Baby Loungers

Wingmom Recommendation: DockATot

Traditional Retail: $237

Average GBG Price: $115

buying a used dokatot

We highly recommend buying baby loungers used because of the deep discount and fabulous condition of these star sellers. On our website we list any issues (stains, tears, etc.), so it’s easy to quickly assess the condition of the product and understand exactly what you’re getting. Plus, if the item has a small stain it could be discounted significantly! Most of the time parents receive these DockATots as gifts or don't end up using them—and one parent’s trash could be another parent's treasure. 

2. Used Breast Pumps 

Wingmom Recommendation: Spectra S1

Traditional Retail: $200

Average GBG price: $70

Spectra Baby S1 Plus Premier Rechargeable Breast Pump

For moms who are looking to get the breast pump they really want, that also suits their busy lifestyle, buying gently used breast pumps is a great idea. We inspect each pump to ensure it's in great condition and thoroughly cleaned. Typically, it comes with a pump and accessories, but if it’s just the breast pump it's easy to buy the additional accessories online.

3. Used Baby Carriers

Wingmom Recommendation: Ergo Carrier

Traditional Retail: $185

Average GBG price: $75

Ergobaby Omni 360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier, Midnight Blue

Baby carriers are necessary, and you can get them gently used for closer to $50-70 depending on their condition. The Ergo carrier is comfortable, easy to use, and long lasting so you can continue wearing your kiddo hands-free well into the toddler years. The Ergobaby Omni 360 allows you to wear your little one facing outward so they can see the world or you can choose one of the three original carry positions—facing in, back carry, or hip carry. It also features a padded waistband for extra comfort and support, a detachable pouch and crossable shoulder straps for extra back support. 

4. Used Baby Bassinets

Wingmom Recommendation: Halo Bassinest

Traditional Retail: $299

Average GBG price: $85 - $125

Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Luxe Plus Series

Bassinets are a perfect product to purchase gently used since most are pricey and oftentimes babies only use them for a short time. They’re also easy to clean and it's easy to replace the sheets or bassinet mattress if needed! We recommend the Halo Bassinest that swivels 360° making getting out of bed easier, especially when recovering from childbirth. The lowering bedside wall also allows you to tend to baby from bed. 

5. Baby Play Mats

Wingmom Recommendation: Skip Hop Play Mat

Traditional Retail: $90

Average GBG price : $15 

Skip Hop Tropical Paradise Activity Gym/Playmat
Baby play mats can be pricey, but purchasing secondhand you can get great quality for a fraction of the price. We recommend the Skip Hop Play Mat  Your little one will love exploring this engaging playmat, and you will love the soft color scheme and the quality fabrics.


Not only does purchasing used baby items save you money, it helps reduce gear waste and leaves the world a better place than we found it. If you’re still feeling queasy about purchasing secondhand, all our inventory will be marked as “Brand New'', “Open Box”, “Barley Used”, “Gently Used” or “Loved” on the Good Buy Gear the website, so you can choose your comfort level. You can also find all details about the condition of each item under the item description. If there is a small stain or signs of use it will be listed! So you know exactly what you are getting. 



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