Calling All Moms—It’s Time To Take Mother’s Day Back

Forget breakfast in bed. Every mother knows balancing a tray of brunch foods and hot coffee while little ones bounce around doesn't prove relaxing. Instead, this Mother's Day do something special for yourself. After all, most moms spend plenty of time juggling life and family, so make this day all about you and take Mother’s Day back. 

Take Charge 

The first step in making Mother's Day truly a time to celebrate you, comes by making a plan and voicing it to your partner and children. It's okay to tell them exactly what you want, and what you don't want. There's no reason you have to spend the day breaking up kid fights or cleaning up after people. Describe the kind of day you wish to have, then push to make it, or at least most of it, happen. 

Don't be afraid to ask your partner or parents or even a friend to watch the kids so you can have some quality time with yourself. Also, keep expectations manageable. Will your partner actually prepare a delicious meal for dinner? Can the kids actually clean the basement as well as you want? Instead of setting high expectations for others, take the reins and schedule the extra help you need to make your special day happen. 

Brunch the Right Way 

Group of moms having drinks

Skip that aforementioned breakfast in bed and instead, book a brunch with your best mom friends. They probably don't want to have a mediocre meal balanced on their lap either. Make a reservation for that upscale French place you love, or try something new and funky. The best part, you don't have to pick a place that’s kid friendly since there won't be any little ones terrorizing the patrons. Let the mimosas and eggs Benedict flow, and remember, it's your day, and calories don't count.


Mom taking a bubble bath

If ever there was a day to go to the day spa or take some time relaxing at home, it's Mother's Day. Book some time away from the family at a local hot spring, get a manicure and pedicure at the nail salon, or reserve a spot at your favorite spa for a massage and dip in the Jacuzzi. 

Keep in mind, self care doesn't mean you have to go out. Send the family to a museum or park and indulge in a long hot bath. Give yourself a facial and/or paint your toenails while binge watching Bridgerton on Netflix. Or, forget all of that and leave on your pajamas for the day and lounge about the house. There is no wrong answer when it comes to taking back Mother's Day.

Skip Cleaning 

It can be hard to ignore a sink full of dishes or floors that need sweeping. But ignore it you shall this Mother's Day. Even better, have the family do all the cleaning while you go out to the movies or to get a cup of coffee. If you don't have confidence in their ability to clean or willingness to do so, hire someone. Think of it as a super special treat and for once, let someone else scrub the toilet. Bonus, it will probably be way cleaner than expected. 

Time With the Family 

Just because having time alone on Mother's Day is nice, that doesn't mean everyone wants to be solo. When planning something to do with your family, choose an activity you really enjoy. That could be a family hike at your favorite spot. Going to the movies and seeing a film you've been wanting to check out. Taking a walk in the botanical gardens. Even going out to eat can be fun, as long as you can have that extra cocktail and make a rule that nobody is allowed to whine during dinner. The real trick is managing expectations while also indulging in your own interests. 

Prepare For the Big Day 

While it might be nice to have someone plan and take care of everything on Mother's Day, many of us know from experience that's not always the case. Don't wait, take the reins and plan your own perfect day. There's nothing wrong with saying to your family, "I want to wake up late, have brunch at a restaurant with you guys, and then spend the rest of the day gardening in peace with a box of chocolates." You have nothing to prove, it's your special time so plan it accordingly and share that plan with anyone involved.

If You Have Grandmas To Celebrate 

Mother's Day can get tricky when grandma is involved, especially if it's your own mother. Talk to them, see what they would like to do. Sometimes a simple dinner or lunch out with the family is all you need to celebrate their motherhood, and yours. Or do a moms-only meal. Even better, if it's your partner's mother that's in town, let them take the kids out with grandma while you catch up on some reading. 


Now is the time to get that favored box of chocolates, bottle of wine or baked good you've been craving. And no, you don't have to share, it's in the rulebook. Find a time during the day to sip, nibble and be at peace with your indulgence. Then take a nap, a guilt-free, weekend afternoon nap. 

No matter how you decide to do Mother's Day this year, remember it's about you and what you want, not what your kids and partner decide you need. Sure, some surprises can be fun, but it's okay to take Mother's Day back and make it all about you. Which, as it turns out, the day really should be. 

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