4 Top Summer-Inspired Nursery Themes

The warm air and delicious sunshine of summer often welcome new color palettes to the home. Maybe you want to refresh a child’s bedroom because the décor is no longer exciting to you, or maybe you’re due soon with a new addition to your family and want the fresh yellows and serene blues of summer to work their magic on your baby’s space. No matter the reason for wanting to decorate or redecorate the nursery, if you are looking for inspiration on summer-themed nursery décor, here are a few ideas to get you started!

Gender-Neutral Summer-Themed Nursery Ideas

When Life Hands You Lemons…

nursery ideas

Photo credit: havenly.com 

Lemons are on-trend right now. And with good reason! Lemons themselves may be a bit tart, but add sugar and voila! 

  • Paint walls a pale yellow and accent with medium pale blues. Or do an accent wall with lemon wallpaper and the rest of the walls pale blue.
  • Purchase a few fun prints to frame and hang on the wall with pictures of lemons and fun sayings about lemons.
  • If you do solid walls, find a fun curtain to hang as a focal point. A lemon print would be great! If you want something charming and a bit old school to add, how about blue gingham? Timeless and chic!
  • White nursery furniture would add a simple. Elegant, preppy touch the nursery.

A Day at the Beach

coastal nursery

Photo credit: havenly.com 

If you’re a toes in the sand kind of parent, a beach-themed nursery may be right up your alley. If you live near a beach- even better! You can collect authentic seashells and sand to use as décor pieces. If you don’t live near a beach, collect sand and seashells—with your child, if possible—on your next beach vacay to create a few décor pieces once you return home.

  • Walls can be a medium, ocean-y blue for this theme. Just be careful not to go too dark, especially if your nursery doesn’t get much natural light. Dark walls don’t scream summer.
  • Try a gradient wall where you start with dark blues on the bottom and graduate to lighter blues toward the top. No need to invest in tons of paint- simply buy one color and add more and more white as you move toward the ceiling.
  • Or try an accent wall with wallpaper that has ocean waves on it.
  • For nursery furniture, you could go with white for a preppier look or natural wood for a more laidback look.

Feel free to add whimsical décor here- prints that have whales or dolphins. Take the sand you’ve collected at the beach and add it to interesting jars. Display them on a high shelf. Starfish and seahorses are also great in this space! If you want a slightly more girly theme, adding a few mermaid tails or prints can’t hurt.

California Dreamin'

California nursery

If West Coast living is calling your name, a palm-tree themed, serene green nursery may be the right fit for you! Imagine a calm green nursery with palm tree décor and few potted plants as functional accessories!

  • This theme certainly calls for a wallpapered accent wall. Think lush green palm trees on wallpaper! Either large or small, up to you. If you know someone great with murals, this could be a fun project to take on! Let the rest of the walls be a paler, mint-ier green or a white or off-white.
  • Find a great leaf rug for a focal point in the middle of the room!
  • Dark wood nursery furniture will lend a more polished look to this nursery, while lighter wood or white furniture will make it feel more modern.
  • Add a Parlor Palm plant (or three!) to your baby’s nursery for some greenery- but also because these plants are great air purifiers and can flourish in low light.
  • Looking for unique accents and accessories? A few surfboards lends the ultimate California/Hawaii feel to the room! Looking for something a bit girlier? Anything in peach or coral will accent the greens in this room well and make it a bit more feminine.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Rainbow nursery

If you love color and don’t want to limit yourself to any one particular color, why not have a rainbow-themed nursery? Rainbows and sunshine are a few of the things babies and kids bring into our lives, so why not celebrate that?

  • Start with white walls on this nursery theme. This will give you a blank slate to work with.
  • Then go to town with color! Rainbow rugs, striped bed sheets and blankets, prints of shiny yellow suns. The possibilities are pretty endless with this one! A mural of a rainbow on one wall would be a great talking point in the room.
  • Feel free to work with pastels if vibrant reds and blues are a little too much for your taste. Pinks, lavenders, baby blues and mint greens are gorgeous this time of year!
  • Funky furniture while add an eclectic vibe to this nursery theme. Red rocking chairs, cribs with bars painted in rainbow colors, night stands with accents of purple or blue. All of these will make your nursery feel unique and one-of-a-kind! Want more traditional? Go with white furniture and choose brightly-colored accessories that can be easily swapped out if you change your mind.

Don’t forget—no matter what nursery theme you decide on for your little one, you can save money by purchasing your much-needed baby items preloved from Good Buy Gear! Put money back in another parent’s wallet and save money yourself. Win win. 

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