Shop Gently Used Gifts this Holiday

Perfectly wrapped, brand new presents at the holidays, just waiting to be opened—it's a magical sight, right? I am so with you…and then I find myself completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff on the Earth already.

Then my mind starts going…What am I doing, when I keep on buying more and more new toys when the world already has so many? Where are they ending up? What happens when even the thrift stores can't take any more toys? How long until my kiddo will outgrow it? Do I actually care if the toy is new? Does it matter?

Perhaps this holiday season we decide to start a new tradition. Maybe this year, each of us can decide to choose just one gently used gift?

This doesn’t work for everyone, but if this idea does have appeal—we welcome you to the buying pre-loved gifts at the holidays movement! 

Your continued support of small and local businesses impacts our community and our planet and we thank you for it!


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