Our iOS Mobile App is Now Available!

We are thrilled to announce that we have rolled out an app so you can add new listings and have a customized shopping experience from your phone. And, as of last week, the first version is out on the App Store!

To add a new listing, click on the camera icon, snap a few pictures and our technology locates the original item on Amazon, recommends a price based on our proprietary algorithm, and cross-posts your item for maximum visibility. We then pick it up and deliver it when it sells!

To create a customized shopping experience, add your child's age and interests and we will provide a curated list of items - just for you!

If you have an iPhone, please go to the App Store and search for "Good Buy Gear" or simply click on this link.

Please let us know about any issues you encounter. Feedback and suggestions - big or small - are GREATLY appreciated. We will continue to update and improve the app based on user experiences. Feel free to email kristin@goodbuygear.com to be added to the Slack group or send feedback directly. 
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