NEW Strider Bikes = 100% Trade-In Value

Over the last year, we've  learned what gear you love and what you think is meh! You consistently show us Strider® bikes are HOT.  In fact, we sell them as soon as we get them to the Good Buy Garage.

Today we are excited to announce we are officially an authorized Strider bike reseller. Have you been looking for a blue, red, pink or green Strider?  We got it!

NEW Strider Bikes in Stock, with 100% Trade-In Payout:
A limited number of NEW Strider bikes are in stock to see what you think. We are also testing a trade-in program.  If you buy a NEW Strider bike from Good Buy Gear, we will give you 100% trade-in value when your child has outgrown the bike.
Here’s how it works:

  • When your child has outgrown the NEW Strider bike purchased from Good Buy Gear, contact us via email, phone or web site.
  • We will sell it for you and credit you 100% of sale price in Good Buy Bucks.

We would love to know what you think about this type of offer and program, so please share your thoughts or shop the bikes!

Thank you for helping us curate gear you love!

Kristin and Jessica

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