Must-Have Winter Gear for Kids

Winter is a magical time. For kids, every snow day is a chance to build an Olaf in the yard and engage in snowball fights with friends and neighbors.

But, as parents know, winter is most enjoyable when you are properly prepared for it. Winter requires a lot of gear for adults and kids alike, to protect against the cold and bitter winds and flurries that Jack Frost brings. Proper winter gear means you and your child will be able to play outdoors for longer without suffering from the cold. 

Here are tips on what winter gear to keep in your arsenal to enjoy the snow and cold weather all winter long.

Four Items Your Kids Need For Cold Weather

Baby in the cold weather

You probably already own a jacket, a scarf, a hat and gloves, especially if you live in a colder climate. But if you have a little one in your household, there are a few more items worth keeping on-hand that will enable you to enjoy the winter with your little one this year.

  1. Snow boots. Snow boots will keep your child’s feet warm and dry even in deep, wet snow. You don’t have to spend a fortune on snow boots, either. Check with resale sites such as GoodBuy Gear to find some that are preloved but still have lots of wear left. Make sure you consider sizing when you purchase snow boots, too, because your child will be wearing this with thick socks. You can size up a size or two with snow boots in a way you likely wouldn’t with sandals.
  2. Nose picker. Despite your best efforts to keep your baby healthy in the winter, your infant will most likely get a stuffy nose at some point in the colder months. Having a tool on hand such as the Frida Nose Picker will help you help your child breathe easier when they are all stuffed up.
  3. Winter bunting for the stroller. If you have a young baby at home, you likely have a stroller to push them around in. In order to make the stroller comfortable for your child in colder weather, you might consider investing in winter bunting designed for your stroller. Down bunting will keep your baby warm and snugly in their stroller without them having to be weighed down by a heavy jacket or snowsuit.
  4. A winter weight sleep sack to keep your infant cozy at night. Your baby’s crib should be clear of blankets and toys, which mean it can easily get chilly at night. A winter-weight sleep sack is a great accessory for a little one to have to keep warm in colder months without adding any worrisome accessories to their crib.

Bonus Winter Items To Enjoy the Cold

Little girl on a sled in the snow

If you’ve stocked up on all your winter gear- including a few spares, especially of mittens and gloves because those tend to go missing easily- here are a few fun items you may consider purchasing to enjoy the coming colder temperatures.

  1. A sled or toboggan
  2. Inflatable tube for snow tubing
  3. A snow saucer or round sled
  4. Skis- either downhill or cross-country
  5. Snowman-making accessories such as coal, a scarf, a hat and carrots
  6. Hot cocoa for after a fun day in the cold!

Ways To Save on Winter Gear

Little boy in the snow

If this list has your head spinning- and your wallet crying, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to stock your winter closet for less.

Ask a friend if you can borrow items. If you only need items for a few days, this is the perfect answer. No need to invest in pricey gear you only need for a quick trip to colder climate. Just borrow from a friend or two!

Hit up resale shops and sites. Purchasing gear that is preloved can save you a ton. And, especially if you live in a warmer climate, you may be able to find gear that is practically new this way! So many people buy a new jacket for a trip and only wear it a few times before their kids outgrow it and they donate or resell. Their loss, your gain! GoodBuy Gear is a great place to find top-quality kids’ items at fair below retail.

Buy off season and save for next season. If you plan to start traveling regularly during colder months, plan to stock up on items when the season is over for deep discounts. Stores will begin to deeply slash prices in February, when warmer-weather items start hitting the shelves. Stock up on deeply-discounted items then in a bigger size for the next year and store it away until the weather turns cold again.

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