It's a Win-Win for Everyone!

Traditional 9 to 5 schedules can be a deterrent to new parents trying to get back to work. Work other than caring for a tiny human that is. Child care is expensive, sick days are common, and bonding with our little ones is a top priority. Good Buy Gear has been very fortunate that their business model has a lot of opportunities for people wanting to ease back into work life. They have built an awesome team of Wingmoms that are talented, hard working, and experts in the kid gear space. 

Kristin Hood spent 10 years in the marketing and international development sector. Her career was exciting and she was enjoying the perks of moving up the career ladder, but after having her son she made the tough but deliberate decision to shift gears and be a SAHM for the first 2 years. Even though she was enjoying the quality time she was able to devote to her son she always missed working. When she stumbled upon a Wingmom position at Good Buy Gear it was exactly what she was looking for. She had an opportunity to get out of the house, talk to some grown-ups, contribute to a fast-growing start-up, and earn some extra income to validate and reward her for her efforts. 

Good Buy Gear was quick to notice that Kristin was passionate about her role and eager to tap into her previous marketing experience whenever the opportunity presented itself.  As Kristin Langenfeld, CEO, recalls “Kristin was consistently providing great insights into a variety of marketing efforts we had in the pipeline. We eventually realized we could use her passion for Good Buy Gear and marketing expertise on a weekly basis, not just during impromptu conversations in passing.” 

Megan joined the Good Buy Gear team in 2017 when her son was two years old. She had a colorful resume with a job history that took her all over the country. Beginning in journalism, then transitioning to teaching, dabbling in sales and even working a side gig in real estate. But according to Megan, “My job as a mom is the most important job I’ve ever had, and most challenging job for sure.” 

From the get-go it was clear that Megan was not only an efficient product poster but she was VERY passionate about kid gear. She was quickly identified as the go-to for all things strollers - repairs, cleaning, folding techniques, pricing, etc. Her vast knowledge of baby and kid products and willingness to dive head first into random projects helped shape her role at Good Buy Gear. According to Jessica Crothers, COO, “Megan was wearing multiple hats, and she was always eager to try on more. Her role was fairly undefined but we knew whatever “role” she landed on, we had to make sure it would work for her and her family.” 

With two more kids added to the mix (both Megan and Kristin welcomed baby daughters this year), both are quick to agree that getting back into the workforce has its challenges. Flexibility of an employer sure helps, but as the saying goes, “It takes a village.” Megan and her husband have coined a new term, “Dadurdays”. Quality time with Dad while Mom heads into the Good Buy Garage each Saturday. Kristin encourages anyone out there trying to get back at it, “Don’t be afraid to try something totally different from what you were doing before kids.” Good Buy Gear echoes this sentiment, “Anyone that is willing to work hard, learn, maintain a positive attitude, and be a helpful teammate has the potential to be anything they aspire to be.” 

Good Buy Gear didn’t have a job share role mapped out in their hiring plan, it just happened naturally. Megan and Kristin began collaborating on projects and splitting time at the office. Their complementary skill sets brought a lot of value to Good Buy Gear and when the official job share role was floated to Megan and Kristin, they were thrilled. As Megan explains, “I’m so lucky to have the flexibility and support of a job share. I have a set schedule with my teammate so we can pitch in and support each other as needed. And my part-time schedule allows me to meet the needs of my family.” Sounds like a win-win situation for all!

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Roxy - June 15, 2021

I love reading about companies that support families. Thank you!

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